Daily Tip:When prices in Jita change rapidly, there is often a great deal of ISK to be made grabbing orders from outside of The Forge (the region where Jita is located) that have not updated their prices.

Ten Ways To Prepare For War In EVE Online, Part One (EVE Online Guide) - Page 3

Posted Tue, Jan 31, 2012 by Space Junkie

6. Import Essential Items

This tip dovetails neatly with the one above: import essential wartime materials from high-sec in order to improve your personal combat readiness, and to sell on the market and keep your alliance equipped with the really important stuff. Some helpful ideas:

EVE Online

Faction ammunition is always in demand, and retains great resale value. Missiles and projectile ammunition are the best bets in today's nullsec environment.
  • Nanite Repair Paste is an essential part of any null-sec PvP kit, yet is hard to come by in null-sec at reasonable prices.
  • Large-sized turrets of all types are seeing a lot of play in PvP right now. It may be helpful to bring out a big stack of whatever type you expect to be popular, whether it is Tachyon Beam Laser IIs or another type that your organization utilizes.
  • Cloaks of all sorts are always in high demand in conflict-afflicted areas. Though large volumetrically, they often net a decent return on investment, with a fast turnaround.
  • Cynosural Field Generators are essential to capital fleet movement, large-scale industrial movement, and (critically) the maintenance and setting up of starbases. They also sell at a markup in literally every region in EVE Online.

Other things that might be handy vary considerably on your situation, corporation, and region. Try to think of things that might be needed, once supply lines are cut off. Shield, armor, and hull remote repair modules tend to do well if stations or starbases are being attacked. Even offbeat items can find a market if things are thrown into chaos. For example, I find that corporate hangar arrays sell decently in null-sec, if stations are being camped, but your mileage may vary. I like keeping a kit of high-demand module blueprint copies in every station that I spend time at. Be creative.

I hope these EVE tips have given you some food for thought. Be sure to check back with us later this week for the second half of this guide!

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