Blacksmithing guide

Updated Sat, Mar 08, 2008 by Messiah

Today sees the release of another great guide. This time we delve into the ancient art of Blacksmithing. The guide covers the basics of blacksmithing, quests available to blacksmiths and a complete list of items that blacksmiths can produce and the ingredients required to make them.

Here is a sample section from the guide:
What are the Mithril Order Quests?
The Mithril Order quests are a series of quests that provide some of the best armor patterns around for their level. Completing the entire quest also supplies you with two very good trinkets, only usable by blacksmiths. The quest chain starts in different ways for each faction but becomes the same very quickly. No matter which faction you play your must be level 40 and have at least 210 blacksmithing skill. You should also train as an Artisan blacksmith before starting this chain.

For the complete guide click here.

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