LotRO vs. SWTOR: A Tale of Two Sagas

Posted Tue, Feb 28, 2012 by gunky

Identify this story: a naive young countryboy meets a wise old man, who sets him on the road to a great adventure. He must face a great, distant evil, and he is thrown in with an assortment of strangers who aid him in this journey. Through the ties that are formed by great hardship, the countryboy becomes great friends with these unlikely allies, and through great adversity and much personal revelation, and against overwhelming odds, he succeeds in vanquishing the evil that threatens everything.

Sound familiar? It should. You've seen it loads of times. Joseph Campbell would tell you that it's the basic underlying story for all great heroic epics - the "Hero's Journey" or the "monomyth." Only the details change. But in this particular case, it could refer to either the Lord of the Rings or the original Star Wars trilogy. Since they both draw from the same "monomyth" archetypes, a comparison between the two stories is only natural. And since they both have MMOs attached to their respective franchises, a comparison of those titles seems appropriate.

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Hey i have been wondering as swtor is star wars and LOTRO is medievel soo they both have great graphixs i personally think someone should Pick lord of the rings online as it can be P2P or F2P

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