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World of Warplanes Fighter hands-on: the US P-12

To wrap up my hands-on time, I flew a US P-12 Hawk fighter – which sounds pretty sexy until you see that it’s a biplane. I wanted to get a feel for low tier gameplay, and the F-86A was actually a lot of fun to fly. Twice the wings means twice the wingspan and maneuverability, and the P-12 could wheel like a baseball off a bat. The twin 7.62 mm guns were nothing like the fire hose of pain I enjoyed with the previous two craft, but were adequate to the task.

As in World of Tanks, low tier combat has its own charms in World of Warplanes.

We took off over Novorossysk, Russia’s biggest port on the Black Sea and one of the few that remains operational all year long. The port facilities and airfield looked fantastic, and Victor was adamant that they’d be adding more “action” such as moving tanks on the ground prior to launch. Since only one other low tier pilot could be found on the local server was running at GDC, we took on a pair of bots. After a few passes targeting the bot planes sidelong and from underneath, the flummoxed AI planes actually collided with each other. Any win is a win, after all.

World of Warplanes and Clan Wars

In closing, Victor lifted the veil on how World of Warplanes will affect Clan Wars, the browser-based metagame that has tanker clans vying for territories and premium currency income. “Say my clan attacks Moscow. A friendly clan targets their air wing, and if we win the air battle, we have two airstrikes in the tank battle or a temporary recon sweep of the map.”

Plans are less certain with World of Battleships, but equally promising. “With World of Battleships, I’m not sure. We’ll be cutting off supply routes, preventing the jump from England to France, and supporting tanks in coastal battles. We think this [World of Warplanes] is a good way to start managing the gaps.”

My time with World of Warplanes helped scratch an itch unscratched for quite a few years: the itch to play an excellent, balls-out, white knuckle combat flight game. When World of Warplanes comes out later this year, we’ll all owe a debt of gratitude for bringing a worthy sub-genre back into the PC gaming limelight. Until then, anyone can apply for the global alpha (so named because Victor was anxious to avoid over-testing in the Russian market, as had apparently happened with World of Tanks).

Our thanks to Victor Kislyi, Ivan Kulbich, and the team for this exclusive hands-on opportunity to play World of Warplanes at GDC 2012.


Anyone who plays a game made by these asshats is in for some bad times, well unless your from mother russia then you will have the best the whole world has to offer.

My advice would be to take the money you would spend on these games stick it up a pigs ass and holler sooie.

Are you arguing that Russians get better vehicles than the other nations? I've never understood this garbage, I drive American and German tier 9s and 10s almost exclusively and I'd rather face Russian IS-7s than any other tier X.

There are a number of folks in my clan that haven't spent a dime on World of Tanks and are having a good time in the mid-tier battles. I don't think they'd enjoy sticking anything up a pig's ass though, we'll leave that sort of entertainment for our anonymous commenters.

Back under your bridge, troll!

I would not recommend trying any current or future WG games, they continue to make promises and back down from them, there is a history of bias towards the faction intentionally keeping one or more factions in a position of power or position weakness.
The will hire so called experts and promise to use mock ups and blueprints to give the tank/ship/plane its historic configuration only to ignore it and make up their own stats in accordance with their own biased ideas.

So you'd rather play an IL-40 with nose-mounted guns that flame out the engines? I'm beginning to sound like a WG apologist, but you have to realize there's a responsibility to balance historicity and fun.

If you really feel like there's an imbalance between nationalities, you're never forced to play one nation or another. Play what you think is most powerful, but recognize that you will have to adapt your playstyle to whatever tank, plane, or ship you're using.

Um...'Microsoft's Aces Over Europe series'? Did I enter an alternate dimension or what? I believe you mean Dynamix/Sierra's 'Aces Over Europe' series, yes? Or maybe you meant MS's Combat Flight Simulator 1 - 3, which the 'Ace's' series predates by nearly a decade (which included 1991's Aces of the Pacific, 1993's Aces Over Europe and 1994's Aces of the Deep)?


You're absolutely right - I missed that in the edit. The Red Baron games were the high water mark of my Dynamix experience, and the writer and I both got MS Combat FS series and the Aces series mixed up. Correction made, and thanks for the catch.


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