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Quest Hub - Chamber of Whispers

Inside the Chamber of Whispers you will encounter Dafeng, the mighty spirit of air. Although at the moment he doesn’t seem so mighty. Scared into hiding by the Onyx Serpent, Dafeng needs a hero to help him face his fears.

Battle for the Skies Worthy of Passing
Aysa Cloudsinger
Chamber of Whispers
Master Shang Xi
Chamber of Whispers
Dafeng is terrified of the Onyx Serpent and will not leave the chamber with it still roaming the skies. Either Dafeng must face his fear, or you must face it for him. Ji, who can be found outside the Chamber of Whispers has a plan; use the fireworks recovered from the Hozen to defeat the serpent. The fireworks can be found set up directly outside the chamber. Click on the firework barrels to shoot them at the serpent until he has been defeated, then speak with Master Shang Xi.  Before you commune with the elemental spirits Master Shang Xi has one final request; escort him through the Elder’s Path. Follow Shang up the path, where you will find your final challenge in the Guardian of the Elders. Defeat the guardian to prove your worth and gain entrance into the Wood of Staves. The guardian is fairly easy to defeat by relying on the basic combat abilities you have used thus far.

Quest Hub - The Wood of Staves

Once inside the Wood of Staves your task of returning the spirits is almost complete. Before you can finish though, you will need to complete a few simple tasks for Master Shang Xi while he prepares for your commune with the spirits.

Unwelcome Nature Small, But Significant
Master Shang Xi
Wood of Staves
Master Shang Xi
Wood of Staves
Inside the Wood of Staves are many creatures, however, some of the most viscious are the Thronbranch Scamps. While you have faced these creatures before, the ones inside the wood are far more fearsome and will not hesitate to attack. These scamps also have the ability to summon mirror images if left alive to long, which are easy to kill, but distracting and potentially deadly nonetheless. Kill eight Thornbranch Scamps, found throughout the wood, to earn the thanks of the spirits. Our old friend Jojo is back and in his typical fashion he has requested that you bring him something even harder for him to break into smithereens. This time the target is Abandoned Stone Blocks that, like the scrolls above, can be found scattered over the ground in the Ridge of the Laughing Wind. The stone blocks sparkle like most quest items and are very easy to spot. Pick up 12 Abandoned Stone Blocks by clicking on them to complete this quest. Return to Jojo and watch him do what he does best; break things. 
Passing Wisdom The Suffering of Shen-Zin Su
Master Shang Xi
Wood of Staves
Aysa Cloudsinger
Wood of Staves
Soon you will be undertaking this journey you are on without the assistance of Master Shang Xi. Before that time comes though, he intends to pass on as much knowledge as possible. Listen to the wisdom Master Shang Xi has to offer to complete this quest. Master Shang Xi‘s time upon this world is done, however you have much to do. Seek out Aysa by following the path leading east where you will find her and Ji with Shang Xi’s Hot Air Balloon.
Put your grieving aside, Shen-Zin Su awaits you. Climb aboard the hot air balloon by clicking on it to start upon the final leg of your journey. Once aboard the balloon you will be joined by Aysa and Ji who will accompany you to speak with Shen-Zin Su to discover the cause of his suffering. Report your findings to Elder Shaopai inside the Temple of the Five Dawns in Mandori Village.
Bidden to Greatness
Elder Shaopai
Temple of the Five Dawns
The cause of Shen-Zin Su’s pain is a rather large crashed ship containing distinctly hairless creatures. It is up to you to remove this “thorn” from the side of Shen-Zin Su. In the Pei-Wu Forest you will find a hermit, he will know of the things that now lurk in the trees. To reach the hermit you must exit the temple to the south and continue along the path to the gates of Mandori Village. Continue past these gates following the path until you reach another set of gates leading to the Pei-Wu Forest. These gates will two open after a short dialog. Continue following Ji, Aysa, and Jojo along the path to seek out the hermit and a rather unexpected guest.

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