Mists of Pandaria Beta: Pandaren Starting Zone Walkthrough - Page 6

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Quest Hub - Forlorn Hut

Upon your arrival at the Forlorn Hut you will learn that the ship that has lodged in Shen-Zin Su’s side is an Alliance ship containing several Horde prisoners. Before you can address the issue of removing the thorn, you must first discover the evil that the hermit Wei Palerage has sensed in the surrounding forest as well as assist the Horde in finding their missing engineer, the only person who may be able to dislodge the thorn from Shen-Zin Su’s side.

Preying on the Predators Stocking Stalks
Wei Palerage
Forlorn Hut
Korga Strongmane
Forlorn Hut
The forest is a dangerous place, now more than ever before. Ever since Shen-Zin Su began shaking the aniamls have become agitated, and none more so than the Amur Tigers. These tigers have begun to attack the refugees at random and must be stopped so that any remaining survivors may reach safety. Amur Tigers can be found in the area surrounding the Forlorn Hut. Kill six Amur Tigers to complete this quest and return to Wei Palerage. The Horde survivors are injured and desperate for food. Despite this, they vow to stand with you no matter the circumstance, however, they need stronger weapons. To aid them head to the area surrounding the Forlorn Hut and look for Broken Bamboo Stalks under bamboo clusters. The broken stalks sparkle and are easy to locate. Pick up 10 of the Broken Bamboo Stalks to compete this quest and return them to Korga Strongmane at the Forlorn Hut.
Wrecking the Wreck
Ji Firepaw
Forlorn Hut
In order to remove the Alliance ship you must help the Horde survivors find the location of their engineer. He was last seen somewhere in the western forest. To find the missing engineer follow Ji down the path leading west out of the village. A short distance away you will find the engineer as well as several other survivors at a small camp.

Quest Hub - Pei-Wu Forest

Upon discovery of the camp your hopes of an easy solution to removing the ship are dashed as the Makael Bay, the once missing engineer, details what you will need to complete the task. At least there will be explosives involved right?

Handle With Care Evil From the Seas
Makael Bay
Pei-Wu Forest
Ji Firepaw
Pei-Wu Forest
To remove the wreckage of the Allianace ship you will need explosives, lots and lots of explosives. While the survivors collected as many as they could before leaving the ship, there were many left behind. Seek out the wreckage to the south of the camp. Search the ground and the bodies littering the shore for six Packed Explosive Charges.  While finding explosives are a priority, so is the evil that is emerging from the seas to wreck havoc on the Pandaren. Ji knows how to take care of this problem and so do you. Kill eight Darkened Horrors or Darkened Terrors which can be found in the woods directly outside the camp.
Urgent News
Ji Firepaw
Pei-Wu Forest
Ji is sure that Aysa won’t be a fan of the explosives. He is leaving it up to you to break the news to her and convince her that the plan is a good one. You can find Aysa at the Skyfire Crash-Site by traveling east of the camp to the road then taking the road south. The campsite is marked by an Alliance flag. 

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