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Quest Hub - Skyfire Crash Site

Your message will have to wait. Upon arriving at the crash site you will find that Aysa has taken it upon herself to save the Alliance crew and is no where to be found. There is nothing to do but wait for Aysa, and help out where you can.

None Left Behind Medical Supplies
Alliance Officer
Skyfire Crash Site
Alliance Officer
Skyfire Crash Site
While Aysa’s efforts are valiant they are not nearly enough. Help the Alliance crew by rescuing 3 Injured Sailors from the wreckage before it collapses. The crash site can be found directly west of the Alliance encampment. Injured Sailors can be found lying on the ground throughout the crash. Click on a sailor to pick him up and return him to the Alliance camp. You may only carry one sailor at a time.  To tend to the ever growing numbers of injured you must acquire medical supplies. Inside the crash you can find Crates of Medical Supplies that will work perfectly. The crash site can be found west of the Alliance camp and the Crates of Medical Supplies can be found scattered throughout it. These quest items sparkle and are easy to locate.  
From Bad to Worse An Ancient Evil 
Jojo Ironbrow
Skyfire Crash Site
Jojo Ironbrow
Skyfire Crash Site
It is revealed that the evil creatures that are invading the land emerged from the sea to collect the wreckage of the crashed ship. It is disheartening for the survivors to watch as these evil creatures gorge themselves on their misfortune. Defeat 8 Deep Sea Tormentors to help ease the pain of the survivors. Deep Sea Tormentors can be found in the crash site to the west of the Alliance camp.
Trouble is afoot. One of the returning sailors has spotted Aysa in the wreckage of the ship facing off against a Deep Sea Nightmare. She needs help and quickly. Return to the crash site west of the Alliance camp where you will find Aysa in combat. Join in and help her defeat the creature before its too late. Only you and other players on this portion of the quest will be able to see the creature. Speak to Aysa once the battle is over.
Risking It All A New Fate
Aysa Cloudsinger
Skyfire Crash Site
Ji Firepaw
Skyfire Crash Site
Aysa is, as expected, against Ji’s plan to remove the ship from the side of Sen-zin Su. She insists that you think of another way before Ji carries out his plan. Follow Aysa up the stairs to confront Ji, who convinces her the plan is the right one. Ji will blow the ship free and open a gaping wound on Shen-Zin Su. You must free up the healers who are being attacked by Deep Sea Raveagers. As the wound is healed a bar on the bottom of your screen will feel. The more healers that are active, the faster the bar will fill. When the healing is complete speak with Ji again.
Shen-Zin Su’s pain is ended and while Aysa still disagrees with the choice, the results cannot be denied. It is time to return to the Temple of the Five Dawns to let those there know of your victory. Walking will not be required. A cart is waiting near the Skyfire Crash Site to take you to your destination. Head north east from Ji to find your ride. 

Inside the Temple of the Five Dawns you will find the Spirit of Master Shang Xi. He expresses his gratitude and his realization that the world at large needs healing, ot just Shen-zin Su, and you and the rest of the Pandaren race may be able to offer it. It is here that you will choose your destiny as part of the Horde or Alliance. Choose wisely as you can never go back. Once you have chosen you will be transported via hot air balloon to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Congratulations adventurer on completing the Pandaren starting zone!

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