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EVE Online's Jon Lander Discusses The Inferno Expansion (Part 1) - Page 2

Posted Wed, Apr 04, 2012 by Space Junkie

What is going to blow our minds about Inferno?

It's really going back to the roots of what made EVE good for me, which is putting systems in place for people and then letting them find the best way to use them. It's not putting in a boring game system where you have to do this and that, then get stuff at the end of it.

One of the things that has always been a bit strange is the war dec system. There are so many loopholes to get out of it. People don't use it except for griefing. What we're doing is looking at fixing some of those loopholes. Then we're adding a whole load of things around it and giving tools to people so they can make mercenary corporations.

EVE Online

If I get war-decced, it's a lot harder for me to get out of it. I can try and pay money to avoid the war dec and sort of out-bid the guy to get out of it. But if I end up having to take the war dec on, what I can try and do is sort of say, "Right, here's a mercenary marketplace. Who wants to take my war dec on with me?" So you can sort of say, "Here's a war dec, who wants it?" Or you can actually say, "We're a mercenary corporation, this is our rate to take on your war dec." And we're actually having it so that every war that you have been involved in, we will track all the kills and losses, and then put those up so you can go through and see how good these people are.

So we can tell good mercenaries from bad mercenaries?

Exactly. And so what we're doing is putting that in place and then seeing what happens. Let's see what people are going to do. And then keeping in with the theme of the year is big iteration on factional warfare.

Factional warfare kind of started off strong, and now is trailing off again. We're moving it into a kind of "sov-lite" so that it is a stepping stone for people thinking about the big 0.0 sovereignty game. By doing the missions, by taking the bunkers, by doing things in the systems, you can actually start taking control, where ultimately you get it to a place that you can take over the system and take occupancy. If you keep your influence high enough, you can get things like loyalty point bonuses.

We're looking at what to do with datacores. Do we keep getting datacores from research agents? That's a bit daft. Why don't we just tie them in and have players get sliding scales depending on how much you're doing in a system?

We've started working on that. Then, once you've got this slider where you actually have a point, like a "take bunker, get two points" kind of thing. Then it really opens it up to saying, "Well, how about if we've taken over this district down on this planet with a bunch of DUST mercenaries who are in our faction?" And as we start filtering that into it, we can do all kinds of stuff.

Another key bit is to make killing other people give you more influence and give you more loyalty points (if you will) than grinding missions with stealth bombers. If you take the system -well, TCUs and how you can upgrade them by dropping big modules into them. How about if you want to live in the system, if you donate your loyalty points into the TCU you can get additional benefits for your corporation or for your faction? So it will actually give you a reason to live in a system, farm it, and protect it. It's putting a whole load of things into place, and I just want to see what players do with it. The key to that is that we're keeping all the teams together and we're giving them the leeway so that as we go into the second half of the year they'll be able to continue iterating on it.

The other thing that will blow your mind is the introduction of... I think we've got around forty new module types. People have seen the microjumpdrive on SiSi. But there are a ton of other modules, too.

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