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Wondering what is in store for you in the faction department of Mists of Pandaria? Learn more about the factions you will be earning favor with in the upcoming expansion in this brief overview.

With their clunky and yawn inducing feel, it is no surprise to learn that the factions that will be introduced in the new World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion will be a bit different than anything we have seen in the past. Sure we will still have to work for their favor, however, according to Blizzard factions in Mists of Pandaria will be a whole new ballgame. The powers that be have promised that not only will reputation building be rewarding but it will also focus less on grinding (hallelujah!) and could even potentially be… /gasp…fun.

How this idea will actually pan out in game is anyone’s guess and even those with beta access are left  mostly guessing. With few players at level 90 and only certain zones and instances open, the Mists of Pandaria beta has kept these factions relating to reputation in the dark. This can be frustrating for those reputation junkies (like myself) that are dying to know what is in store for them in the next WoW expansion. To sate some of that desire we have compiled a list of the known factions that will be found in Mists of Pandaria as well as the little information that we  currently know about them. Read onward to find out more about reputation factions in Mists of Pandaria.

WoW: Mists of Pandaria Reputation Factions


The Shado-pan are an elite group of warrior Pandaren that make it their business to know everything there is to know about the Sha, the mortal enemy of the Pandaren. Found in the Kun-Lai Summit this faction is mysterious with a dark nature that is very unlike the other factions found in Mists of Pandaria. These guys are the real Kung Fu warriors of Pandaria. To earn reputation with this WoW faction, players will need to join them and slowly work their way up through the ranks. To help earn some reputation with the elusive Shado-pan players may complete the following quests:

Quest Name Requirements Reputation
Born Free Free 6 Wild Cloudrunners from their chains. 250
Bronze Claws Collect 20 Bronze Claws. 250
Dark Arts Collect 8 Shan'ze Tablets. 250 
Egg Rescue! Collect 8 Cloudrunner Eggs. 250 
Grave Consequences Kill 24 Shan'ze Ancestors. 250
Illusions of the Past Kill 3 Shan'ze Illusionists. 250
In Spite of Everything Kill the Darkwoods Faerie. 250 
Little Hatchlings Free 20 Cloudrunner Hatchlings 250 
Riding the Storm Use the Bronze Claws to mount 8 Shan'ze Cloudrunners. Attack them to free them from corruption. 250
Spiteful Sprites Kill 30 Darkwoods Pixies or Darkwoods Charmers. 250 
The Mogu Menace Kill 12 Shan'ze Serpentbinders or Shan'ze Beastmasters. 250
When the Dead Speak Kill the Shan'ze Deathspeaker 250
Where it Counts Throw 8 Kunzen Ritual Candles, kick 4 Blazing Embers, and slay 1 Kunzen Ritualist.

You can find a guide with more details about earning reputation with this faction here: Shado-pan Reputation Guide.

The Golden Lotus

Selected by the August Celestials (see below), the Golden Lotus are a secret society of guardians with the sole task of protecting and maintaining the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Continuously facing attacks from the hated Mogu and Mantid, the Vale is never safe. You will be enlisted to help them defend the Vale. At first tasks will be small, however, as you gain reputation with the faction and their trust, you will be sent onto the front lines and given access to their precious vaults filled with historical artifacts and writings. There are currently over 50 daily quests in place for this faction. Check out the quests below to see a sampling of what is in store for you when earning reputation with the Golden Lotus:

Quest Requirements Reputation
Meating Expectations Retrieve 10 slabs of Fairlands Gazelle Meat. 250
Enemy at the Gates Use a Shado-Pan Sky Serpent to kill 60 Krik'thik attackers, 3 Krik'thik War Wagons, and 3 Krik'thik Catapults. 350
Mantis Under Fire Use a Shado-Pan Hot Oil Bucket to kill 80 mantid near the Gate of the Setting Sun. 250

You can find a guide with more details about earning reputation with this faction here: Golden Lotus Reputation Guide.

August Celestials

The August Celestials are four powerful and ancient Pandaren spirits. Responsible for choosing those considered worthy enough to be part of the Golden Lotus, the August Celestials are a driving force in Pandaren society. While the August Celestials are focused on defending Pandaria as a whole, their primary focus is the sacred temples. Players will be called to action at their temples to earn favor with this faction. Below is a sampling of the quests that will be available to earn reputation with this faction:

Quest Requirements Reputation
A Blade is a Blade Obtain 10 Sra'thik Weapons. 250
Fallen Sentinels Heal 8 Wounded Niuzao Sentinels above 50% health. 250
In Battle's Shadow Throw 10 Loose Stones up to Niuzao Stonemasons. 250
Niuzao's Price Kill the mantid of Sra'thik Incursion so that Tai Ho can search their bodies for pieces of Niuzao's statuette. 250
Paying Tribute Obtain 6 stores of good for Niuzao. 250
The Big Guns Destroy 3 Sra'thik War Wagons. 250
The Overwhelming Swarm Defeat 4 Sra'thik Kunchong. 250
The Siege Swells Defeat 25 Sra'thik attackers at Niuzao Temple. 350
The Unending Siege Defeat 12 Sra'thik attackers at Niuzao Temple. 350


Unlike most of the Mantids found throughout Pandaria, the Klaxxi have managed to remain uncorrupted. Keepers of the Mantid culture, this group would typically be enemies of the Pandaren. However, they have come to recognize that in order to save their race they must take action, even if it means wiping out their beloved queen who has been touched with the corruption that torments the race. Based on reports, players may earn the trust of this faction, and form an uneasy alliance with them that may allow access to their unique weapons and armor. Check out the listing of quests below to see an example of what you will be required to do to earn reputation with this faction:

Quest Requirement Reputation
A Bloody Delight Collect Volatile Blood from Dread Remoras. 250
Culling the Swarm Kill 40 Shek'zeer Mantid in the Clutches of Shek'zeer. 250
The Klaxxi Council Travel to Klaxxi'vess at the center of the Dread Wastes. 250
The Dread Clutches Slay 6 Shek'zeer Clutch-Keepers in the Clutches of Shek'zeer. 250
Living Amber Collect 8 Living Amber, then feed them to Korven the Prime. 250
Kypari Zar Activate the Sonic Tower, then defend Korven the Prime as he examines the tree. 250

You can find a guide with more details about earning reputation with the Klaxxi here: Klaxxi Reputation Guide.

Order of the Cloud Serpent

One of the more interesting factions, at least when it comes to faction based rewards, the Order of the Cloud Serpent are an ancient order of warriors trained on the art of flying. Of course, Pandaren cannot fly on their own, so they must employ the services of the mighty Cloud Serpent. Players can work to gain reputation with this faction and eventually gain access to a Cloud Serpent of their very own. The Cloud Serpent puts this faction at the top of my reputation grinding lists without a doubt. Below you will find a sampling of the quests available to earn reputation with this faction all of which seem to be based around training and growing your Cloud Serpent:

Quest Requirement Reputation
Catch! Use the Bouncy Ball to throw it. Then, catch and return the ball to your hatchling 8 times. 450
Disarming the Enemy Collect 5 Slitherscale Harpoons. 450
Feeding Time Collect 6 Saltback Meat and feed them to your hatchling. 450
Full Speed Ahead Follow Instructor Windblade. 500
Just a Flesh Wound Use Windwool Bandages or Heavy Windwool Bandages to heal 8 injured Hatchlings. 125

You can find a guide with more details about earning reputation with this faction here: Order of the Cloud Serpent Reputation Guide.

The Lorewalkers
The Tillers faction will allow players to own their own plot of land which they can farm for useful items.

As the name implies, the Lorewalkers are the WoW faction responsible for documenting and archiving the lore of Pandaria. It is rumored that this faction will be connected with Archaeology and may even grant skill ups for the profession. Players will be able to bring artifacts and other objects from throughout the world to gain favor with them. In return the Lorewalkers will share their vast knowledge with the player, and perhaps even allow them to build their own personal historical library. Below you will find a selection of quests available from this faction:

Quest Requirement Reputation
Between a Saurok and a Hard Place Bring Between a Saurok and a Hard Place to Lorewalker Cho. 2,850
Fish Tails Bring Fish Tails to Lorewalker Cho. 2,850
What is Worth Fighting For Bring What is Worth Fighting For to Lorewalker Cho. 2,850


The Artisans are a combination of three factions that make up the workforce of Pandaren society. These factions include:

The Brewmasters

Remember Chen Stormstout from your early WoW days? He was part of this wander-lust filled faction. Devoted to traveling the world the Brewmasters do not have a permanent home in Pandaria. Instead players will find members of this faction scattered throughout the world, searching for new and rare ingredients in their brews. When found, the Brewmaster will unlock one of the brand spanking new multi-player scenarios. Completing the scenario will then earn the player reputation with this drink loving faction. 


If you thought Pokemon and Plants vs. Zombies were the only mini-games you would see coming to WoW you would find yourself proven wrong with the introduction of this faction. Making their home in the Valley of the Four Winds, the Tillers, represent the farmers of Pandaria. Offering a variety of daily quests to earn reputation, the Tillers will eventually allow the player to own their own plot of land. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Farmville has come to World of Warcraft. On these plots of land players can plant and harvest useful items such as cooking ingredients, herbs, and even reportedly a companion pet. Based on the beta, it seems that you may be able to work with and gain reputation with various members of the Tillers to gain special rewards. 

The individual NPCs that you can gain reputation with inside this faction are: Ella, Chee Chee, Fish, Famer Fung, Gina, Jogu the Drunk, Haohan, Old Hillpawn, Tina, and Sho. Besides these individuals, players may also complete other quests that grant reputation for the entire Tiller faction such as:

Quest Requirement Reputation
Water, Water Everywhere Speak with Wing Nga to borrow a kite, then throw water onto 35 Dusty Spots in the Heartland. 250
Chasing the Chicken Pick up Hillpaw's Chickens until you find his Prize-Winning Chicken. 250
Stealing is Bad...Re-Stealing is OK Re-steal 16 Stolen Vegetables. 500
Stalling the Ravage Slay 12 Kunzen Hozen. 500
Simian Sabotage Use the Barrel of Fireworks near the Pile of Stolen Weapons, the Pile of Stolen Tools, the Pile of Stolen Beer, and the Pile of Stolen Grain. 500
Weed War II Speak to Gai Lan, then pick 100 Weeds on his farm. 250


Little is yet known about this faction, however, from their name alone we can deduce that this is probably a collection of fishermen. Found in the Valley of the Four Winds alongside the Tillers we can speculate that players will also complete daily quests to earn reputation with this faction. Perhaps also this faction will directly correspond with the fishing skill and provide skill ups and other benefits.

What are your thoughts on these new factions set to make an appearance in the upcoming World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion? Are they fitting considering the nature of the Pandaren, or are they just downright silly and can earning reputation for these factions actually be fun? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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