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Building The Rhea Jump Freighter, Part 2 (EVE Online Industry Guide) - Page 2

Posted Wed, May 02, 2012 by Space Junkie

Building Tech II Capital Components

One of the unfortunate things about tech II components (capital or otherwise) is that the Jita market completely overprices them. This means that it is worth considering buying and researching your own set of tech II capital components. The down side of this is that it is a pretty heavy investment for a one-off, and that as of the current state of EVE there are no ships other than jump freighters that make use of tech II capital components. It seems quite likely that there will be future applications, though that could be years away. There is also the matter of the exacting skill requirements for researching material efficiency on tech II blueprints. If you don't have these, you can buy the research blueprints at a markup, but it will cost you. If you are just building the one Rhea you should probably just buy the components off the market.

EVE Online inferno escalation Jita

Still, if you are big into doing things yourself (and what EVE industrialist isn't?) then you will need a giant stack of advanced ingredients to build the capital components mentioned above. Remember to split up your buy orders!

Assuming ME 25 on the applicable blueprints, the advanced ingredients needed are:

  • Fermionic Condensates x6,220
  • Ferrogel x16,670
  • Fullerides x848,380
  • Hypersynaptic Fibers x10,640
  • Nanotransistors x56,020
  • Phenolic Composites x23,630
  • Sylramic Fibers x2,264,113
  • Titanium Carbide x8,416,477

Consolidating Ingredients

One of the great things about EVE Online in general and Jita in particular is that everything you need is usually available right there. You can buy everything you need in Jita 4-4, pack it into a Charon, and warp it right over to another station inside Jita. Often there are plenty of slots available, though if you don't want to fuss around you can usually go over to Sobaseki and find plenty, just one jump out.

What I have found convenient is to stuff all of the cheap ingredients into a charon, fly it to my station of choice, then repeat with broken up batches of the expensive ingredients. If you have more than a billion or two of loot in your cargo hold you are just asking for suicide gankers to notice.

Assembling And Building

Once you have all your gear at your destination, get building. If you are making all of the components yourself, this could take over a month. As it is, the final build job will take several weeks. I wouldn't worry about that too much, though, as the prices involved seem to only get more favorable over time. Indeed, as of this writing the ingredients for these parts should cost about 7.3 billion ISK, while the final product should sell for at least 8.2 billion ISK. Not a bad profit, and eminently repeatable.

Good luck with this and your other industrial projects!

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