Daily Tip:When researching blueprints, many players will venture into low-security space, where the research slots are generally less crowded.

The Inferno Expansion (EVE Online Guide) - Page 2

Posted Tue, May 15, 2012 by Space Junkie

Kill Reports

EVE Online has long relied on third party sites to track or analyze ship kills and losses. With the Inferno expansion, CCP is giving us much prettier reports, that allow a player to save dead ship's fitting, for later use or analysis. As in all things game-related, a graphical user interface is always better than a wall of text, so this is a nice change, even if it isn't turning EVE on it's head.

Mercenary Marketplace

Though the precise details are still unrevealed, we know that there is to be a way for mercenary corporations to sell their military talents to the highest bidder, for use in war. Right now there is often a marked asymmetry in warfare, as industry-focused corporations sometimes find themselves unable to take on extortionist high-sec war corporations. By hiring mercenaries with proven performance records, ISK-rich yet PvP-poor players will be able to discourage carefree war declarations.

More than any other change in Inferno, I think this one will help make EVE even more interesting and change the high-sec player experience for the better.

EVE Online inferno

Factional Warfare

Low-security space has long been imagined to be the doorway to null-sec, with the PvP there acting as a stepping stone for those looking to make the jump to null-sec and wormhole space. In practice, the low-sec experience has left much to be desired.

The key to making low-sec interesting to a broader experience is by giving players an increased degree of control and ownership over the space, via faction war. And that is exactly what Inferno will do. Players in faction war militias will be able to control and invest in contested systems, improve their value, and defend them from encroachment. There will also be new incentive to kill pilots that are members of enemy militias. Like the changes to customs offices in the Crucible expansion, I expect this to radically increase the amount of conflict in EVE and thereby also increase the amount of dynamic player content. Since that's what makes EVE Online so special, I'm pretty excited about this, to the point where I am considering getting a character just for faction war.

New Modules

This new expansion will have at least sixteen new modules, probably including modules that boost drone damage, allow on-the-fly resistance tweaking, shield boosters that utilize special charges, different sizes of web drones, and lord knows what else. Unlike a new set of ships, these new modules could potentially change every ship fit in EVE Online, which will give players lots of new things to theorycraft about. Whether you are going to use these modules or want to be ready to deal with other players that are, this is going to be interesting.

Character Creator

EVE Online's character generator is impressive, everybody agrees. But more is better, and CCP is giving us more options, probably including the option to make characters of mixed ethnic background. Since race is such a big factor in EVE, this will probably make roleplayers pretty happy. Since having a cool looking character is such a big factor for everybody, this will definitely make players happier, in general.

Unified Inventory

She may not look it, but EVE Online is a pretty old game. One place where some of the gray hairs are readily apparent is the inventory system, which is basically Windows 2000. Though long overdue for an overhaul, the new system is definitely generating some push-back from players, most of whom probably just don't want to have to learn a new system. Having tried it but not for long enough to develop proficiency, I can see how veteran EVE players might get annoyed. Still, things need to improve, and the inventory system more than most. I feel sure that once people try the new system, the filters and holistic interface will win them over. If nothing else, this will give players something new to adapt to, which is a big part of what EVE Online is about, at least to me.

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