Article: The Necessary Graphics of WoW

Updated Mon, Feb 25, 2008 by Ratboy

All the flashy effects of WoW; are they necessary, are they appreciated, or are they simply going to bog your computer down and kill your character unless you have a state of the art machine? These and many more questions are looked into by TenTonHammer's own Ratboy!

Read Ratboy's article on "The Necessary Graphics of WoW": here.

Here's a quick snippet:

Let me paint a picture for you… You’ve leveled all the way to 60 and are now in Molten Core fighting the “big boys” of WoW. Your raid has reached the third boss (Gehennas) who begins spamming an AoE attack. The game chokes. Next frame your Raid Assist is showing a quarter of the party dead, the next frame shows half, and then finally it’s a wipe. I bet you’re really wishing you could turn off all those fancy spell animations now!

The above is meant to pose a question; do the players need the incredible graphics that World of Warcraft provides, or should there just be an “off” switch to all the special effects, spells, and abilities that the game offers?

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