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CCP Unifex On The Inferno Expansion, Part 1 (EVE Online Interview) - Page 2

Updated Tue, May 22, 2012 by Space Junkie

Mineral Prices In Inferno

The harvesting portion of Jon Lander's EVE trinity is well and truly tampered with, already. The so-called Drone Regions have ceased producing minerals, in favor of ISK rewards (like other NPCs in EVE). According to Lander, the havoc was quite intentional: "We have done a number of things to destabilize mineral prices. There has been combat around the drone regions. That combat has upset some of the harvesting part of the EVE machine. So now we have people that want to build ships and get ready for the fight, but the minerals are going up in price. This then encourages people who previously thought mining was unprofitable. Since everything in EVE Online is player-created and related, this is causing a ripple effect throughout the game's economy."

EVE Online inferno patch notes

When asked whether CCP had any regrets or doubts about the changes to mineral faucets, Lander was emphatic, "We're watching it very, very carefully. Our economist is keeping a very close eye on what is going on with mineral prices. The minute the Drone Regions went live, we saw players stop mining. I mean real, human players. We made these changes, and it has been a perfect storm. Tech I modules aren't being dropped as loot from NPCs, anymore, which is another big mineral faucet. That, along with Burn Jita and Hulkageddon made the risk vs. reward of mining more interesting. We need to make sure that nothing too crazy happens with it, but for the moment it seems one of those changes where the market balances out."

Freshening Up EVE PvP

EVE PvP is in sort of a final stage of growth, where the most effective tactics for the current game environment are well known. Some variation is possible, but little innovation. Contrast this with the EVE Online of five years ago, when ship doctrines were few and far between, minerals were more expensive, and player expertise was generally deplorable. New ship fittings were tried all the time, and the best organizations also had the best fittings.

While we may never have that slow-as-molasses spread of useful information again, we can have something else, per Jon Lander: "We have a ton of new modules to introduce. Right now, everybody knows exactly what fitting you should have on any particular ship. It's come down to one or two possible vanilla setups, where we can predict what people are probably using. With Inferno, we've started throwing in new modules. This is the first round of putting quite a few new modules in. What this does is give people options, and starts them thinking about how to adapt to the new modules. Whole fittings will start changing around some of the things that we've done. Already, just looking on our public test server, we've started seeing some crazy fits. People in a ship that I would normally be able to spot from a mile off and predict the exact counter to have been able to give me a bit of a bloody nose."

Want to read the second part of this interview? Check back with us tomorrow, and don't forget to train a long skill.

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