Daily Tip:The most dangerous systems with regard to suicide ganking are, in rough order of danger, Uedema, Niarja, Litiura, and Hek.

Sins of a Solar Spymaster #79: The Presumption of Safety - Page 2

Updated Wed, May 30, 2012 by The Mittani

So EVE, despite all its marketing and the informed segments of the community who are cognizant of the game’s difficulty and nature, is slowly being enervated by the culture of the broader gaming industry - a culture which doesn’t merely assume safety and ease, but by now has become so addicted to this spoonfed abundance that they feel entitled to it, and react explosively when that safety is challenged.

Awareness is important

Consider what a player needs to do in order to be ‘good’ at EVE. You need situational awareness; you need regional awareness. You need to know what’s going on in the market. You need to know what’s happening in future patches, so you need to keep track of dev blogs and adjust your training accordingly. You need to know how to fit a ship properly for a task, which means you need a passable knowledge of EFT or Pyfa. You need social skills, or you’ll end up friendless, isolated, or the victim of a scam. You need financial sensibility - the ability to either live on a budget, or make so much isk that you don’t need a budget. And since most of these skills are pitted against other players, you must do them /better/ than the other players; what passed for competence in 2005 EVE is a laughable trash-fit in 2012.

By contrast, in a game like Diablo, SWTOR or WoW, you can sail to the endgame never facing the risk of PvP or even a real PvE challenge in the EVE-equivalent of a shield-tanking laser Megathron. At the level of competitive raiding one abruptly needs to have competence and learn how to outfit your character, but one isn’t required to raid or play on Inferno difficulty. You can dawdle around in an all-green clownsuit and never be punished for your ignorance.

We’re seeing ever-more trash fits in EVE and “hey guyz i got blown up this is unpossible” forum rage - signs that this kind of passive, ignorant, and entitled player is infecting the playerbase and beginning to make demands that CCP change the nature of EVE itself to accommodate their  stupidity. To prevent EVE from becoming a PvP-optional themepark of the sort that coddles this shameful demographic, something must be done - the players who actually do participate in the EVE community must either educate these people about the nature of the game, or blow them up. Through education or violence, they must learn that EVE’s difficulty is what makes the game unique and worthwhile, rather than just another consequence-free PvP-optional themepark game.

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