EQ2 Status Loot Guide Update

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Turn in loot, help your guild!
In EverQuest 2, Status Loot is one way for players to help their guild gain status along with pocketing some for themselves. Kill a mob, get a status item and turn it into the correct faction. Slide gives us an updated guide to these special items which includes "Tier 7" expansion status loot.

Status Loot items are relics that Freeport and Qeynos factions will purchase for a small amount of money and status which goes toward a players personal status pool and guild experience. Each specific faction will only buy a status item related to their guild. They can be randomly picked up off of dead creatures throughout the world of Norrath. There are many variations of status loot such as who will take them and how much factions will give you for turning them in.

Let all of your status item questions be answered here.

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