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Posted Fri, Jun 08, 2012 by Sardu

Back in-game there are a few things that instantly stood out for me in terms of the core shooter gameplay.

First and foremost is that the control and action in DUST feels like there’s actual weight to both characters and weapons. What that really means is that it’s a slightly slower paced shooter than the norm - for better or worse – depending on how your character is outfitted. At times my character’s movement felt a bit sluggish, as did panning the camera around to get a better view of my surroundings.

DUST 514 E3 Screenshot

For now I’m going to chalk that partially up to being a console shooter, and my natural bias towards PC being the only real platform worth playing shooters on. (Sorry Gears of Halo: Modern Bulletstorm fans – you can keep your mile-wide hit boxes and I’ll stick with actual skill-based shooters, thank you very much.)

Another thing that was a bit wonky to me was that it was a bit confusing at first to figure out friend from foe. While directional (and map) markers will point you towards objectives and their current status, I continually found myself shooting at friendlies for lack of really being able to tell the difference. A huge part of shooters a combination of recognizable gear profiles – which DUST has in spades – but it doesn’t really help much If you can’t distinguish teams based on very obvious visual ques.

DUST 514 E3 Screenshot

Those things in mind, I did enjoy the gameplay overall, even if I was ultimately more intrigued by how I could augment my character than the actual shooter gameplay. I also tend to enjoy some shooter game modes much more than others, and that can play a large role in my overall enjoyment of a given game. DUST 514 is definitely pushing in the right direction, and there’s still plenty of time for CCP to polish and tighten things up before the game becomes available for download.

In the meantime, it will also be interesting to see what other game modes will be available, and how important it will be for players to carefully consider exactly what they want to take into battle with them. For example, cheap starter fittings will never be lost upon death, but more advanced units can and will be lost, just like when your ship gets destroyed in EVE.

This gives players a lot to consider, and will add a layer of depth to characters that’s usually only an upward progression of gear unlocks in most shooters.


The arms race in DUST 514 is about to heat up with some new weaponry coming with update 1.8.

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