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Going into E3 we pretty much knew the MMOs we were going to see. But there were a couple of "mystery appointments" from several developers who would be making their game announcement right there from the show floor.

After seeing a couple of these upcoming titles we knew right then and there that at least one of them was worthy of the Best Reveal award.

But how does one fit into that category? Apart from the obvious requirement of it being an actual reveal at E3 it had to be a game that had us leaving the demo in wide-eyed wonder. It also had to bring something new to the table that could potentially leave the industry talking about the game years after its launch. That's a mighty tall order but we found a game that we believe fits the bill...

Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313

This was the kind of demo that had us walking out of the room bewildered. If LucasArts can really pull off what they're aiming to do with the special effects from ILM and an adult-targeted game world the Star Wars IP may very well have at least another decade left in it.

The visuals were stunning. The brief bit of the story we saw was equally enrapturing. And though we were unable to play the game ourselves and were only able to see a small bit of it, we were so impressed by this demo that we're still talking about it in the office. That's memorable. That's a good reveal. Be sure to check out Sardu's preview below to see what we're on about.

More Star Wars 1313 coverage from Ten Ton Hammer:

Oh, I am quite sure you have three lifetime subs. Just SURE of it.. Also, I think you need to go back to grammar school and learn how to properly use punctuation. If you think the rift is a better game then do us all a great big favor, go play it. Pretty simple right? Good!


I very much enjoy playing LOTRO. Based on your post, it's ignorant people like you who destroy the reputation of the LOTRO community. I read your nonsense and feel that if I were interested in playing the game for the first time, I had better think again. Also, just for the record, having 100% proper punctuation does not make one intelligent. Actually thinking about the situation and making a personal opinion is, if not smart, at least more respectable than your pathetic trash talk. Not everyone rates LOTRO 110% and they certainly have a right to their own opinions. Get over it and especially get over yourself.

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He is in not way saying that RIFT is a better game but saying the expansion offers more than LOTRO, RoR has very little information, same content as every other expansion in the past apart from mounted combat and then they stick a finger up at the lifetime subs by offering very little but cosmetics at an extremely high price. Oh and i think you should go back to school, you came out as a douche.

Hiding behind anonymity is easy for rude, ignorant, cowards. Have some respect. Someone expresses an opinion you don't like and you what? Ridicule them.
Rather not have you associated with any game, especially LOTRO.

I agree. I was very pleased with RoR even before they gave us the 2000 extra TPs. I am glad to see them win this award, and I get tired of listening to people whine about a game they are not being forced to play. Quit if you are unhappy and quit whining. Let those of us that are satisfied play in peace.

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I guessed Neverwinter for the contest ._. (at least, 90% sure)

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please, explain to me what this has to do with ANYTHING I said. Fuck off, spammer, I'm in an irritated mood

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I have a 75 burg on lotro.. What u talking about - screw RIFT, LOTRO by far is a much better expansion. I mean mounted combat?? Who could ask for more.

And thats literally all we get. Nothing new but a gimmick for levelling. Fun. I loved lotro but the game has been going downhill for awhile. I really noticed a drop in the interst of instances with od, and its just getting worse. Im so bored with the game I am dying for gw2 to gome out. Even with rohan what are we truly getting? A gimmick to help level and end game that consists of dailies where we rebuild a town and get loot for it (which will be boring), and end game fishing. The only thing that can save lotro is the instances that will be released well after the expansion comes out, and if foundry or roots are a example of whats to come then GW2 is will be where I stay.

Legendary expansion preorder gives you: 1. Armour: a personal set of armour of the Rohirrim 2. You get a armoured mount 200 morale 3. 4 sets of level 75 cloaks 4. A free map to Hengastacer 5. A personal questing line 6. 2000 Turbine 7. Something else I can't remember on the top of my head. Now that's just the pre-order, the expansion what they have revealed is 85 level cap, mounted combat (which i believe has never been seen in a mmo) , and the entire questing line for Rohan. I'm gonna gurantee you their gonna offer the ones who PREORDERED a few little surprises and a lot more in which they haven't already revealed

Unless you count starship combat from games like SWG and STO

I'm with the previous commenter...very, very surprised this actually made the list after all the complaints that poured over the LOTRO forums regarding the ridiculousness of this expansion. Even after the amends LOTRO has made recently with their expansion it's still a pricey drag and very little offered considering their big expansion pack at $70. Also, why is it that the heroic pack gives you addition quest areas while the legendary one does???

Legendary expansion preorder gives you: 1. Armour: a personal set of armour of the Rohirrim 2. You get a armoured mount 200 morale 3. 4 sets of level 75 cloaks 4. A free map to Hengastacer 5. A personal questing line 6. 2000 Turbine 7. Something else I can't remember on the top of my head. Now that's just the pre-order, the expansion what they have revealed is 85 level cap, mounted combat (which i believe has never been seen in a mmo) , and the entire questing line for Rohan. I'm gonna gurantee you their gonna offer the ones who PREORDERED a few little surprises and a lot more in which they haven't already revealed

3 lifetime accounts... that 600 dollars on one game!

I also have three Lifetime Accounts.

Riders of Rohan is the most overpriced under-delivering quest pack that Turbine ever released. No Instances released with it, no end game content other than fishing and rebuilding a burnt out outpost. Really? Heroes that defeated countless enemies and epic bosses are once again reduced to gathering wood scraps.

Ten Ton Hammer should be ashamed for even calling this an expansion, never mind putting it on some sort of list for an award.

3 lifetime accounts... that 600 dollars on one game!

So true i am mostly f2p (made 1 purchase for moria expansion) so yeah i may not be able to do mounted battle yet but for a very long time i have been hoping they would someday enable mounted combat and now here it is. Oh and i agree the people in charge of the game are not in charge of the prices therefore if its overly expensive that does not in any circumstances mean they are overating it. I agree with the award and thank you ten ton hammer

I appreciate your opinion on this, but it really can't be debated. Look at what Storm Legion adds to Rift, then look at what RoR adds to LOTRO. Rohan may be big, but it won't be tripling the size of playable lands in LOTRO, will it? Mounted Combat could be a nifty addition to LOTRO, but it isn't equal to 4 new souls, a housing system, new dynamic content types, new Instant Adventures, etc. And an undescribed instance cluster coming sometime after RoR launches isn't the equal of seven dungeons, three raids and a Chronicle available at launch.

Storm Legion is clearly superior to Riders of Rohan. It simply is.

Most of what you mention is already included in lotro. To me it sounds like comparing apples with pears.

Lotro is an incredibly good game. Maybe not price efficient (the f2p still offers a lot for naught), but still good. Yet, of course, there might be better ones, but why all that grief over some irrelevant award?

Storm Legion tripling the avaliable land isn't saying much since the base game has a relatively small landmass to begin with. The world is absolutely tiny in comparison to games like LOTRO. That was one of the issues with the base game. It was so small you couldn't really go anywhere or explore. Sure they had special treasure chests in out of the way places but by in large they were set in the very limited zones.

i quit rift exactly because there was nothing there. Once you hit cap, there's no place to explore. Our zone consisted of 1/3 of zone map, which is even smaller. In comparison, a starting zone of LOTRO is larger than the end game Rift zone.

I'm not saying one game is better than another; all I'm saying is that you have to look at it from a relative point of view. LOTRO is a complete game that is fully fleshed out. Expacs only add more on top of it. Rift is an underdeveloped game that Storm Legion is attempting to round out a little bit better. One is expanding; the other is literally trying to catch up on what was lacking at launch.

This 'expansion' only has solo quests and the new mounted combat system (no instances, no raids, no new classes). Sure it's large, but it's the plains of Rohan. Look at all that wide open grassland they added!

You should be embarrassed to award it Best Expansion, expecially with all of the content competitors like Rift added with their expansions.

I'm really curious, what is the complete list of games (expansions) to compete for that title? 'Cause if RoR won, either there is only 1-2 other expansions coming out this year, or the staff from Ten Ton are 10 years old over-excited by mounted combat :p

From what the title states I believe only participasntys in E3 were judged, as the judges could trial the game. From memory I did not see ShadowRift at E3, but then it was a huge place so I might be wrong. But I did see a lot of other MMO's there spuiking their next expansions.

I guess the best way for Ten Ton Hammer generate a cash flow and garner even the tinies bit of recognition is to sell their soul to the devil. Now that is frightening.

surely they were high

Its only June and this expansion isn't even going to be released till September? These Ten-Ton Hammer Kids better hop off of Turbine's D*** and start evaluating actual CONTENT than just what the limited details were saying about the new RoR content. Twice as big as Moria? Moria was underground, so it took a long time to build all the corridors and areas because they had to make it look like it was actually underground; but Rohan? It is just wide open spaces! I mean, copy and paste a patch of land 10 times and of course you are going to have a bigger space! More space doesn't mean more content! They are only making it huge because you ride faster on the war horses so you need more ground to fight, which doesn't make up for saying it twice as big as Moria. Also, Moria introduced Legendary Items, a level cap, more traits, higher virtues, a raid, "6" 6-man instances. It also released ANOTHER raid later. What does Rohan have? Level cap, mounted combat, END-GAME fishing quests, and a town-rebuilding quest chain? That's it? The instance cluster doesn't even COME with the expansion and those who bought it but AREN'T VIP have to buy it after! What a rip-off!

Really? Expansion of the year based on what little information they gave out?? How much advertising money is TTH getting from WB? RoR is a joke. Mounted combat is going to be lame. Turbine over-hypes and under-delivers every time. And, like others said, we're still sitting on bugs that have been in the game since Rise of Isengard...and they've done NOTHING about them.

There is no way this "award" wasnt bought and paid for by Turbine.

How on earth can a LOTRO xpac win an award. The last two were absolute bombs and this one is launching with NO ENDGAME INSTANCES.

Ten Ton obviously cares little for its credibility and it shows.

The basic mechanics of LOTRO is not going to change by much, you're not going to get a completely re-vamped game with each expansion. Basically they are working their way to Mordor, so each expansion it just that, a new "area" farther along the path to Mount Doom.

The mechanics and gameplay of LORTO is solid and fun, though I admit it's not revolutionary. It's beauty is it's setting, lore and solid foundation.

If you're looking for something completely new (or even improved) gameplay wise you're going to be disappointed come each expansion.

All that said, Mounted Combat in RoR is quite an achievement and should be looked at as an unexpected pleasant gift imo

If someone is simply tired of what LOTRO offers, a expansion is most likely not going to change that.

Thank goodness I play the game casually and just hit lvl 49 with my Captain main...I have a lot to see and do yet that's new and exciting (as far as areas go) and miles to go before I sleep...or get tired with my time in game.

I'm in for the long haul, to the gates of Mordor and the fire fiery pit of Mt. Doom.

Hell, then I might roll a different Class and start the journey a new ;)

Btw - Tried "Rift", it played well and looked nice...but after a short time there it felt hollow to me. Can't put my finger on it exactly, I just know that I haven't felt that way in LOTRO as of yet.


I love lotro xD its my reliever hurts the soul when you look around seeing people bash it xD

before turbine even should get any reward on any expansion of the game, they should upgrade theyer servers to handle more work load as in people logging in and people who are attempting to log in, and what is with the priority login...Just a gimmick for you to buy into to theyer monthly payment? they need to extend the priority login to the premium accounts aswell since those people have spent money in-game aswell, givin we dont pay monthly but we still payed for turbines merchandise...come on turbine, step up your game and upgrade things that need upgrading I.E servers.....stop spending the money that the PLAYERS spend on your game on expansions and get the servers upgraded!!!!

I have been playing for about 2 years and have never had login problems on any server (tried 10) you probably just have either slow internet or your adapter or computer needs to warm up first. most people do not have login problems

Pay 2 Win takes on a new form...

In the form of Pay 2 Win Awards...

How did Riders of Rohan get an award when it hasn't even gone live yet? That doesn't make sense.. Like Selecting MVP players in any sport before the season even starts...

This award was a lotro store bought award...

I agree completely, the expansion has not launched yet and it has the best new expansion award? How the fk does that make sense. Way to sell out to Turbine. I love LotRO by all means but I just lost all respect for Ten Ton Hammer for being a sell out. Lost a little respect for Turbine also for being part of this scam. You guys are fkn crackheads.

And how much did Turbine/WB pay for this award? What a crock of feces.

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