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Posted Tue, Jun 26, 2012 by Messiah

Quest Hub - The Heartland

The Heartland is an area in the zone that contains all three of the farmers that you will be looking to talk to for hops.

Gardener Fran and the Watering Can Enough is Ookin' Enough
Gardener Fran
The Heartland
The Heartland

The first farmer you meet for your hops quest, is gardener Fran, who says nothing is free. If you want some hops for Chen you will have to work for them.

Fran wants you to water the various plants in her garden and hands you a watering can. The plants are quite far appart and will glitter as she asks for each specific one to be watered. Luckily you can stay mounted and move from one area to another as required. The plants go all the way around the hill in the center of her farm, so you may not be able to see which needs watering until you move around the hill a little.

It is now time to visit the second farm for hops. Mun-Mung is the head farmhand at Den Mudclaw's farm, and is willing to help out with the hops if you help him out with his virmen problem.

Find and kill enough virmen to supply mung-mung with 100 of thier teeth. You will find them all over the fields around the farm.
The Farmer's Daughter Seeing Orange
Den Mudclaw
The Heartland
Mina Mudclaw
Springtail Warren

While at Den Mudclaws farm, he also has a favour to ask. His daughter is missiong and he susspects that the virmen have stolen her away, he would greatly appreciate if you found her for him.

She can be found in the virmen den just south of his farm.

After finding Mina Mudclaw in the warren, she asks to be helped back home. Simply lead her out of the virmen warren and back to the farm.
Weed War Stormstout's Hops
Gai Lan
The Heartland

The last farmer that you are looking for is called Gia Lan and is found south of the Mudclaw farm.

When you find him, he is defending himself on the top or a rock from a weed invasion. Fight off 100 weeds to help him win his war and he will send some hops to Chen for you.

This quest will pop up once you have talked to and helpd all three farmers. It is a reminder to go back and talk to Chen now that you have finished your task. Before you do though we will continue south to help Li Li and the granary.

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