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Posted Wed, Jun 27, 2012 by ricoxg

Still, considering the trouble many games have had even crossing platforms, the idea of additionally crossing genres is very ambitious. Obviously CCP hasn’t been completely successful yet because they intend to release the game while building the link to EVE progressively, as Sardu points out in his article. The guys at CCP are smart, so it’s very likely that the progressive nature of the integration is as much to avoid in-game economic damage, as it is to avoid game-breaking bugs and give themselves a bit of a burn-in.

DUST 514 Screenshot

Conquering maps in DUST 514 will have a significant impact on the economy and politics in the MMO EVE Online as well.

Once fully linked with EVE however, DUST 514 will apparently feature a rich player-driven economy tied to its sister MMO, another party trick from the vault of brilliant ideas at CCP. DUST 514 may not be specifically PvE, but the effect it’ll have on the economy of EVE Online, and the way that economy will affect DUST 514 creates a very real PvE element to the game. In many ways, it’s possible that the PvE of DUST may end up being even more deep and meaningful than the PvE of Firefall, which is one of the largest compliments I can think to give. Watching DUST 514 take shape and grow post-launch as EVE has should prove to be very interesting, and the meta-game between the two promises to be a defining point in the industry. If CCP can capture the potential of combining the two distinctly different games in a way that makes sense to the player and adds to both, they will have effectively moved out from under the glacial shadows of the one-hit-wonder, and cemented their reputation as a cross-platform/cross-genre developer.

PlanetSide 2

Lastly, but oh so not leastly, we have Planetside 2. SOE has had a rocky road lately with security issues and a couple MMOs that just didn’t quite live up to the promise of EQ or the original Planetside, but they’re back and Smed is ready to show the world just who invented Party Rocking.

PlanetSide2 Screenshot

Members of the Terran Republican Guard have accepted a mission to guard food supplies from the civilian rabble outside.

Planetside 2 brings far more strategy to the table than Firefall, though maybe not as much as DUST 514 has the potential to bring. Critical aspects of PS2 will be the new Mission System, and how it combines with their API and Mobile App support. Where DUST 514 reaches from the console into another game, Planetside 2 will be attempting to reach beyond the game totally by notifying an offline player that preferred missions will be available. This new system has the potential to revolutionize the way gamers interact with the game, and perhaps even redefine what the word “gaming” even means.

When compared next to the other two games, Planetside 2 won’t have near the story that either Firefall or DUST 514 has. The background in the Planetside universe is perfunctory at best, but the appeal of the game isn’t in the story SOE came up with, but rather the day-to-day story of outfits and players achieving feats of cunning as they battle across the huge landscape. PvE in PS2 is non-existent with no crafting or NPCs to kill, so the factional war drives the game. In a way, it’s really a testament to the quality of the gameplay that a game based entirely on PvP is so likely to thrive.

PlanetSide 2 Screenshot

Vanu players login and convoy to their objective after being notified by their mobile apps that their preferred mission type is available: repossession of sweets from small children.

The real story of the Planetside franchise isn’t the FPS itself, though. The real appeal is grand strategy on a global scale, played with the most realistic of units, humans. (PS2 should almost be considered an RTS for the amount of strategy that goes into playing the game well.) Every battle in Planetside 2 has a significant impact on Araxis. Outfit commanders and field commanders make decisions that have significant impact on the grand strategy of global superiority. Those choices, and the choices other players make, are what will make PS2 more than just another FPS game. For SOE to be competitive in such a dense field, they’ll have to walk the tightrope of staying true to the feel of the first Planetside, while still being innovative enough not to fall prey to the curse of the sequel. Every sign thus far points at success, but we’ll still have to wait and see.

Wrapping Up

This looks to be a pretty crazy years for the MMOFPS genre as several titles are poised to make bold moves toward raising the genre to new heights. Planetside 2 may be getting more hype and coverage, but both Firefall and DUST514 bring some pretty impressive ideas and mechanics to the table. Where PS2 will redefine what it means to be in-game and out of game, DUST514 will show how games can be combined from two completely different genres to make an even more powerful meta-game. Of course, there’s Firefall which will teach the world that behind a shotgun blast to the face, there’s a deep and game-enriching story being told, and that games really do deserve to be treated as art. Each in their own way, these games push the envelope of the genre’s definition and make big promises we really hope they keep. To borrow a bit from a certain book, to everything there is a season, and this ladies in gentlemen… is the Year of the Gun.

Planetside 2 is going to be amazing!

9-yr Planetside vet. PS2 will change the way we game. Can't wait!

There will be no competition from Dust 514 and the other two games. Dust 514 will only be on Playstation 3 while Planetside 2 and Firefall will be on PC and that leaves Dust 514 out of the contest.

I concur, but that's not really the point. The point is what does each game do to help re-define the genre. DUST won't be that competitive with PS2, probably. Neither will Firefall, really, but both will introduce some new ideas that could really change the forward progression of the genre.

What other FPS/MMO crossovers could we see now that DUST shows it's possible, and even worth looking into?

One of the interesting things about the gaming industry isn't just how fun the game is, but how innovative it is, and what it might signify for the future of gaming. That's when you really get into some cool stuff, I think. But then I'm biased. =)

well said.

PS2 will rule all. Firefall is already over before it begins. And Dust 514? Please. A console shooter and only for one console at that? Pfft. And it ties in with the smallest niche game there is filled with the biggest griefers and cheaters - including CCP - around. So yeah thinking that Dust 514 is any kind of competition is laughable at best. The ony thing everyone is waiting or - and I do mean everyone on the planet - is Planetside 2.

Dust 514 will most likely have poor revenue, simply because it is restricted to only PS3, even though it's F2P. It's an extremely odd decision at best. The most dedicated EvE players probably don't have a PS3, the market for shooters on PS3 is vastly smaller than 360, and the tolerance and understanding for F2P games can only be found on PC.

Firefall is starting off with completely the wrong focus. MMO shouldn't focus on story. We've seen SWTOR try that and things didn't work out so well - story offers little replay-ability except for rolling alts. In a MMOFPS people will care even less about story. Firefall also offers a third-person mode, which appears to offer significant tactical advantage than FPS.

PlanetSide 2 is the only worthwhile MMOFPS for now, and it's the only one that's expected to survive long into the coming years. It has its focus right - large-scaled non-instanced combat. What Dust 514 and Firefall offer are mostly gimmicks, while PlanetSide 2 is introducing a completely new genre of gaming into this generation. It will improve upon the MMOFPS of old with newer tech and even larger scale thanks to a vastly higher population cap.

I agree with GhoXen. I really ponder at the decision to put Dust 514 on ps3. Sometimes I think CCP did it just to say they're the first to cross plateforms like this. I tried to get into Eve but didn't have the time to commit, but I would definitely have played Dust if it was on PC. I have a ps3 but...I've always believed that the best shooters are played with mouse and keyboard (opinionated).

As to Firefall, it could prove to be interesting in terms of PvP, however shooters are rarely defined by their story lines. I'll still give it a shot with an open mind.

Personally, I'm over hyped for Planetside 2. Have my beta key and all. The idea of truly persistent territory control brings a new depth (for me at least) to the whole fps genre. They also seem to have a role for just about anyone. I got an old MMORPG buddy hype because he loves to heal, a Battlefield friend hype because of the engineer, and even an old Tribes player hype because of the Light Assault. I, myself, can't wait to take to the skies in my Mosquito.

I don't disagree that Firefall won't be the game of the year like PS2 is likely to be, I think you guys are missing a pretty critical difference between Firefall and games like SWTOR. SWTOR took the WoW approach, which was to make a simple game that was intuitive enough for anyone to pick up and play. On top of that, Bioware is one of the kings of storytelling, so they did what they do best. Unfortunately, they ended up with a themepark MMO, just as Blizzard did, and that's where they failed. They assumed that pretty colors and an interesting story were all you need to make an MMO.

Firefall is doing something hardly any MMOs do anymore. It's going to give you ownership over the world, and give you a sense of global progression. SWTOR, the story was about you, but in FF, the story is about the WORLD, and that's the critical difference. With their staged-content approach in FF, the players will get a continuously emerging story of the world around them, while directly involving themselves in that progression.

Of course, I'm a huge PS fan, and I've been playing since alpha of the first one, but though our teeth are itching to bite into the new PS2 beta/release, I still think there are other games that deserve a serious look. Firefall and DUST are just a couple that have some really cool ideas in them that could really help move the genre to the next level. As good as it'll likely be, PS2 is really just the original, but updated with cool new toys. What's the next MMOFPS that creates it's own standard going to look like? The first PS was absolutely nothing like anything else out there at the time. We're due for another game like that, and I really wonder what it'll be, and which of these really cool new ideas will inspire it.

But then, I'm a geek and the mechanics wind me up as much as playing the games themselves. =)

Dust514 has Keyboard and mouse controls confirmed.

^ Wait, Im a bit confused. I thought that Dust514 was for PS3 only?

PS2 and GW2...both faction vs faction games are at the top of my list.

planetside 2 is the next step in first person shooters its yhe future and raises the bar greatly

One huge difference between Firefall and Planetside 2 will be the PvE side of Firefall and this will attract more people to that game. However, can Firefall keep players with the gamble of mixing PvP and PvE in a MMOFPS?

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