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Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle takes a look at the weapons in Warcraft. In this article Ethec looks at the types of weapons that are available, who can use what kind, the stats and bonuses that they can provide and much more.

Damage is a hit point range describing how much hurt you'll put on your target per hit, and speed is how often you'll have a chance to hit. The damage range and speed (or "delay" between swings) in your weapon stats culminate in a value called "damage per second." This number is a simple average of the damage range divided by speed; it does not take into account critical damage, weapon bonuses (which typically benefit fast weapons more than slow ones; since bonuses are applied to each hit and faster weapons obviously hit more often) and the range of special abilities your character may enjoy by using a certain type of weapon. Nonetheless, DPS is an important baseline value when comparing weapons which otherwise similarly complement your skills and abilities.
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