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Male Pandaren Hairstyles in Mists of Pandaria

Male Pandaren hairstyles are, to say the least, simple and fuss free. See exactly what I mean in the images below:

Male Pandaren hairstyle number one is as simple as it comes; totally bald in both front and back. When you are a mighty Pandaren warrior, silly things like hair are not needed.

Players will be pleased to find that hairstyle two at least has some hair, although very little of it, as the hair is cut into a messy Mohawk that goes from front to back. 

In Pandaren male hairstyle number three only a small amount of hair is left on the head. The hair that remains is pulled into a tight braid held with three bands that only a mighty warrior such as the Pandaren could manage to pull off.

Hairstyle four pulls the male Pandaren’s hair straight into the air in the center of the head. Wrapped in the center this hairstyle defies gravity.

Male Pandaren hairstyle number five is much like hairstyle four, except that the hair is considerably more loosely wrapped and allowed to flow freely at the top.

Sporting the most hair thus far, hairstyle six pulls the hair tightly back in the front ending in a tight ponytail in the back.

Male Pandaren hairstyle seven has the front and back of the hair pulled into a high bun with a small amount of short hair in the back left free. 

With only hair left in the center of the head, hairstyle eight pulls the hair into a high ponytail adorned with a single, ominously sharp looking, chopstick.

In the final male Pandaren hairstyle the hair has been removed from all but the center of the head. The remaining hair has been pulled back into a short braid.

What do you think of the new Pandaren hairstyles? Do they fit the race? What are your favorite and least favorite styles? What other styles would you like to see introduced? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

@kamysale If you played mage dunrig BC, and were raiding, you'd swallow your hat. If you played warrior prior to them fixing the number of button smashing for tanking prior to WOTLK, you have no right to say anything.There was a time when priests were so required in raids because of vamp touch, i.e. DURING BC, that no raid had any lack of it, and thats what I played at that time. Srsly, it was stupid.10 mans, cutting out class only important raid cooldowns etc. they did a great job there.

Good article! But it would be better to spell it "unveil." Also, the sentence: "One of my loving wife’s all time past-times is creating her character" needs the word 'favorite' in it, methinks.

As much as I like making fun of wow and Blizzard now-days, I have to admit that the Pandaren girls look pretty cute.

Also it took them about 8 years to finally get it through their thick skulls that an appearance option has been wanted for a very very long time.

Too late though? Or better late than never?

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