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Some Disassembly Required - Gathering and Crafting

But how do you get these materials? Unlike in other MMORPGs, you won't harvest raw crafting components piecemeal (that is, apart from weapon toolkits). Instead, you'll have to disassemble weapons, glyphs, talismans, potions and items to get the materials you need to transcribe new materials.

It's important to remember two things about disassembly: 1) you lose any glyphs built into the weapon or talisman when you disassemble, and 2) that weapons will always disassemble into materials one tier lower than the tier needed to craft that exact item.

To illustrate this process, let's walk through a common example. Most new players find themselves desperately in need of a secondary weapon of decent quality (meaning Quality Level 2 or 3). If you're not lucky enough to get one as a drop, you'll build up a collection of weapons you can't or don't want to use. These weapons disassemble into base metal, but the QL 2 toolkit requires imperfect metal. In fact, base materials must always be refined into imperfect materials to create useful items and glyphs.

To disassemble a weapon, drop it into the disassemble slot in the crafting window (remember: hit Y to bring up the crafting window). To refine base metal into imperfect metal, simply drop the entire stack of base metal into the large window and click "Assemble" - each click will refine 5 base metal into 1 imperfect metal. Keep clicking until you have less than 5 base metal remaining, then click the small button to the right of Assemble to return everything to your inventory.

Here's how materials refine into tiers of greater quality. Remember, you'll need 5 of the lower tier to make 1 material of the next higher tier.

Base => Imperfect (Toolkits of QL 2-3) => Normal (QL 4-6) => Holy (QL 7-9) => Pure (QL 10)

Once you have 7 imperfect metal, you'll need a Weapon Toolkit. These are an uncommon (green) drop in story areas and from vendors or occasionally a rare (blue) drop in dungeons. Green toolkits produce green weapons, blue toolkits produce blue weapons, and purple weapons only exist as dungeon drops.

To create the weapon, arrange the metal in one of the weapon shapes above, plop the toolkit into its slot, click assemble, and you'll have your first weapon upgrade. The entire process looks something like this:

5 unneeded weapons => 35 base metal => 7 imperfect metal + 1 QL 3 Weapon Toolkit
= 1 QL3 weapon of your choice

Of course, not all items disassemble into metal. Talismans disassemble into elements, and glyphs (as well as animas and potions) disassemble into runes.

  • Metal - Used for weapons
  • Fire - Used for + attack rating talismans
  • Dust - Used for + healing rating talismans
  • Water -Used for + protection rating talismans

  • Offensive Runes (filled in) - Weapon Glyphs (prefixes & suffixes)
  • Defensive Runes (empty) - Talisman Glyphs (prefixes & suffixes)


Glyphs fit into empty slots on some uncommon and higher weapons and talismans and add stats and a special "prefix" to an item, i.e. "Brutal Hammer".

Creating a glyph requires a special Glyph toolkit. To use this toolkit, you must have an appropriate number of runes of the correct tier (imperfect, normal, etc.). You cannot mix offensive and defensive runes, but you can have two each of two different runes. Alternatively, you may have four of the same rune.

Glyphs shouldn't be confused with Signets, which may only be obtained as drops. In other words, the Signet itself cannot be crafted, but must be fitted to a special slot on QL 10 items using a Signet toolkit. Signets add a "suffix" to the item, i.e. "Brutal Hammer of the Mists" as well as some stats specifically tailored to a deck or advanced build.

For example, four wheel runes would give you a massive boost to hit rating (as per the listing below).

Whichever type of rune you decide to craft, be sure to use the correct configuration:

Glyph with four of same rune



Glyph with two different runes



Here's a list of rune effects. For a complete list of recipes are prefixes, feel free to check out Raithwood's excellent aassembly guide.

Offensive Runes:

  • Denkyem - Critical Power Rating
  • Lu - Critical Rating
  • Trinity - Penetration Rating
  • Wheel - Hit Rating

Defensive Runes:

  • Earth - Block Rating
  • Koru - Physical Protection Rating
  • Pentagram - Magical Protection Rating
  • Yggdrasil - Evade Rating
  • Wedjat - Defense Rating

Gadgets & Consumables

Consumables (potions) and gadgets are crafted using roughly the same recipes and materials, but gadgets are unique in two ways. As mentioned before, they're essentially slightly underpowered, long cooldown (~2 minutes for instant abilities) consumables that aren't consumed when used. Also, they can be crafted with either runes or elements (i.e. fire, dust, water) using the following configurations:

Gadget (using runes)



Gadget (using elements / raw materials)



Runes create long lasting consumables that match the rune effects listed above. Elements (or raw materials) create potions and gadgets with the following effects:

  • Dust: Healing (instant heal) potions
  • Fire: Leech potions (convert a percentage of damage dealt into health gained)
  • Metal: Barrier potions (absorb a certain amount of damage dealt to you)
  • Water: Heal over time potions

Gadget toolkits are a very rare drop, so be sure to use them or sell lower tier ones that you don't want to use at a premium. [Alternatively, the Council of Venice vendor at the Savage Coast trading post sells uncommon (green) toolkits of all sorts, so be sure to check there.]

Have a suggestion to improve this guide? Spot a mistake? Send it to us and we'll update the guide for everyone's benefit.

Assault rifles is wrong, it should be


Pick up your stack of materials with a left mouse click.

Drag stack over to the assembly window, but do NOT release the stack.

While keeping leftmouse pressed, now right click once in each tile you want a material deposited.

Above tip is the single best thing learned from general chat over 2 betaweekends and couple early access days, before trolls made me close it :)

You do not need to click and drag, you can simply left-click once to pick up the stack, and then right click to drop a single item from the stack onto each crafting window square. Left-click to drop the rest of the stack (back into your inventory, if any is left).

cool never thought of trying just left clickin, doh :)

Like said by the first comment, the assault rifles diagram is wrong.

Thanks for your tips and corrections! I've made the changes on Ethec's behalf.

Karen "Shayalyn" Hertzberg
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Great write-up, Jeff! That'll be handy.

Occult and luck talismans are backwards. The design for luck is actually for occult, and vice versa.

Thanks for the heads up! Fixed. :)

Occult and Luck are now correct but it may be easier on readers to swap them entirely in position to reflect how it looks in game like the other listed.

Thank you very much for this precise guide, now I finally understand all the in's and out's of the system!

Great guide! I just started playing... utter confusion. But this all makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

Ok but how do you craft stronger and stronger weapon is the pattern is the same for every weapon you'll create in a same weapon class?

Thank you share with us Star S7180!

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