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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, EverQuest 2-style

The pilot episode of what could be the greatest show in Norrath! Robynfiggle hosts this show as a tour guide through some of Norraths most expensive apartments along with his apprentice Mudbonk. Join them on a ride through Drychnath's house of luxury... I hope he doesn't notice that the cat is missing.

Good evening and welcome to "Apartments you can't Afford" with your host Robynfiggle and his inarticulate assistant Mudbonk.

Robynfiggle: Thank you, thank you, and welcome to "Apartments you can't Afford". I'm Robynfiggle, your highly acclaimed tour guide and today we'll be walking you...

* A large meaty finger heavily taps the gnome on the shoulder.

Robynfiggle: What do you want?
Mudbonk: You not introduce me!

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