Krasarang Wilds Quests - Part 2 - Page 3

Posted Mon, Jul 30, 2012 by Messiah

Quest Hub - Dawnchaser Retreat

This is where you meet up with Kor Bloodtusk again. Thier group has been attacked though and he once again needs your assistance. The Alliance have a similar base in the area for Alliance players to quest from.

For the Tribe The Greater Danger
Kor Bloodtusk
Dawnchaser Retreat
Kor Bloodtusk
Dawnchaser Retreat

The scouting group has been attacked and Kor has had to fall back after the attack. He wants you to find and rescue 8 dawnchaser captives from the Mogu.

This quest gets interesting as it really starts to show the war brewing between the factions. There are Alliance prisoners as well as Horde but you are instructed to leave them. In fact if you rescue them they will turn hostile.

While rescuing captured Horde members Kor also needs you to take our some of the Mogu. There are some powerful summoners called Korjani Reclaimers in the area that need to be taken out to cut the Mogu supply line. Find and kill at least 8 of them.

Re-reclaim The Mantid
Kang Bramblestaff
Dawnchaser Retreat
Ambassador Han
Dawnchaser Retreat

Kang is worried about the Mogu getting ahold of powerful magic once again, as they have not had it since ancient times. He needs you to recover 10 Mogu artifacts from the area. You will find these while completing the previous two quests.

At the camp you now find a Pandaren Ambassador name Han. He informs you of a Mantid attack that hit his convoy and is on it's way to hit Stoneplow in the Valley of the Four Winds.

He wants you to destroy 10 Ik'thik Precursors and then find his cousin Len at the remains of the convoy.

Quest Hub - The Shattered Convoy

Here we catch up with Sunwalker Dezco and the convoy once again. They have been attacked by the mantid and are in need of assistance again.

The Stoneplow Convoy For Family
Sunwalker Dezco
The Shattered Convoy
Sunwalker Dezco
The Shattered Convoy

The convoy has been attacked and many of the civilians in the convoy are in the jungle wounded. Dezco gives you some Imperial Lotus Poultice to help save them. Find and save 7 of the Stoneplow Envoys around the convoy.

Kor has been taken captive and Dezco needs your help to save him. However once you get there it is too late.

Help Sunwalker Dezco defeat the Mogu responsible and then meet him back at the retreat.

You also learn a little more about Dezco here as he has more tolerance of the Alliance and lets one of them go, compared to Kor who would not have. Back at the retreat you learn that Kor was like a brother to Dezco despite their differences.

At this point having found all of the clues regarding the Hidden Master and learning that Stoneplow is under attack back in the Valley of the Four Winds, it's time to head back to that zone and finish up some additional questing there (assuming you haven't done it all already).


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