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Quest Hub - Stoneplow (Part 2)

Things have not gone well in Stoneplow while you were away training. The Mantid have attacked in greater numbers and even brought in some huge reenforcements. It it up to you to save the town.

The Road to Kun-Lai The Mantidote
Messenger Grummle
Mei Barrelbottom

This quest leads to another quest hub so we will just leave it for now, and deal with it later on.

Mei Barrelbottom is here to help from Zhu's Watch. He notices something similar with the mantid as what you saw back there. He wants you to use the mask that Ken-Ken created to scare the manifestations of fear out of 5 Ik'thik Wing Commanders.

The Commanders are the big elite mantid in the area, simply get close and use the mask. A manifestation of fear will apprear, kill 5 of them before returning to Mei.

It Does You No Good in the Keg The Swarm Begins
Loon Mai

Your old friend Mudmug has shown up and is willing to help out. Any good Pandaren who is willing to risk thier lives deserves a mug of beer, at least acording to Mudmug.

Escort him through the battle to the various groups that are fighting off the Mantid and he will serve them some beer. As a bonus there are some really good comments from the people you serve, and I am sure you earn some kaarma points, after all who doesn't like a good mug of beer!

Loon Mai needs help protecting the town but also needs to know the plan. He wants you to kill mantid warriors on your way to Captain Oakenshield to the west and find out what the plan is.

Kill 15 mantid on your way to the captain, who can be found on top of the hills by the wall to the west.

NOTE: At least in beta the location of the captian is mismarked as being in stoneplow, he isn't, he is found as per above.

Students No More Retreat!
Captain Oakenshield
West of Stoneplow
Captain Oakenshield
West of Stoneplow

The Captain wants you to locate the other students of the Hidden Master and help them defeat 4 of the biggest baddest Mantid on the battle field.

You can find the other students to the south in the middle of the battle. Once with them it is a scripted event to fight 4 elites, just tag along and help them kill them off.

Despite defeating four of the key mantid warriors you are still losing the battle due to a huge Mantid coming over the wall. The captain orders you to retreat to town and talk to Loon Mai there.

The Savior of Stoneplow The Gratitude of Stoneplow
Master Bruised Paw
Loon Mai

The Hidden Master makes an appearance! He says that all it not lost and that you have not used the greatest weapon on the battlefield, YOU.

Head over to miss Fanny and ask for her help defeating the Mantid Colossus. She will take you up closer to the colossus and then bat you into his mouth.

Now it is time to use everything that Master Bruised Paw taught you. You will be trapped in pitch black in the beasts gullet. Use your fist attack when the focus is maxed. You get to see a cut-scene in between every 3 successful attacks. You need to make 9 in total to beat the colossus.

Loon Mai is thrilled that you have saved his town and asks that you take a reward for your service. Simply head over to the inn and go up to the second floor to find a chest and your reward.

From here we will head to the Nesingwary Safari that we were invited to previously. The quest flow gets a little more free form from this point between the two zones we have been dealing with (Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds) so it is mainly about finishing up the quests you would like to. The major quest chains have now been explored.

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