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But he continued: "The first time we turned on housing for our team of 120 or so, we did a power play day over lunch and people placed over 64,000 objects when it was purely decorative. Since then, we've taken the assets and tied them more to tradeskill systems, quest systems, and the combat systems to keep introducing functionality. So, will there be combat associated with housing? Yea, there sure will." Jeremy promised "deep dives" on that in the future.

WildStar screen WildStar screen

PvP and Dynamic Events

The pastoral scenery of the first few areas we explored gave way to Thayd in the zone Galeras, an active siege and battlefield surrounding a level 20 town, complete with warships flying overhead and crashing down, gunnery emplacements, and plenty of grit that seems more at home in Call of Duty than Wildstar. The Firefly analogy holds here; though the game is chock full of lighthearted, likeable characters and clever entanglements, things can get dark at times too.

Though PvP hasn't been discussed in detail, Jeremy mentioned that the nearby contested area of Whitevale is the first place where Exile characters will first experience open-world PvP. Just like loftite, battlefield imagery and contested PvP is all designed to keep players from feeling zone fatigue. But one variety of gameplay the game is not centered around is dynamic events - occasional public quests made famous by games like Warhammer Online, Rift, and most recently Guild Wars 2. That's not to say the Wildstar doesn't have it's share of roving events and limited-time-only quests. "We have dynamic events but we don't harp on it, because you level up pretty quick. You're in and out of an area in a half hour or hour so you kind of don't know what's persistent and what's random."

WildStar screen WildStar screen

Elder Game and Upcoming Reveals

This attention to detail will extend to level cap. "So now you're at cap, now what? Elder games are what keeps people playing for the long haul. There's no better way to set money on fire than to build an MMO and not build an elder game. We're doing seperate elder games for PvE, for PvP, for grouped PvP and PvE so that no matter what your playstyle is, there's something fun for you to do."

As for accomplishing solo elder game content without just turning to rep grinds, daily quests, and tradeskills, Jeremy explained that there are 6 content teams producing 6 square kilometers every 8 weeks. We've tasked several of those teams with doing nothing but producing endgame content. "We'll have new dungeons and new areas that are advancing the world story, and solo players will get to dig into what's going on," presumably while getting better gear in the process." As for raids, Jeremy hinted at the return of 40 man content.

Development Status and Revenue Model

"So we're not ready to talk release date," Jeremy stated, "but I will offer you a few bars more than 'it's ready when it's ready.' Our commitment is to create a hundred hours of content to level cap. That has to be fun, that has to be polished, balanced, and bug free. Beyond that we have to create other full-fledged systems - level cap PvE, group and raid content, and PvP- that are interesting, innovative, and fun."

WildStar screen WildStar screen

In a word: "We're actually pretty close to feature complete. Other than that, it's all about content." As for specifics, Jeremy quipped that Carbine will be opening up the friends and famiyl beta when they run out of friends and out of family. "It won't be next week, but its not far off either."

Jeremy also shared a few thoughts on business model: "We're basically going to have a different business model in every territory. Korea's all about PC bangs, that requires a different model than what's going on in the US or Europe. A lot of markets are in transition too. Because of that, we're launch supporting a bunch of business models."

Our thanks to the Carbine Studios team and Jeremy Gaffney for offering us a peek behind the curtain at gamescom 2012.


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