New AA Comedy Installment

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Oh Devrek, what won't you get yourself into?

As we inch closer to the release of Auto Assault, the vehicular destruction MMORPG set in post-apocalyptic times, Xerin continues his hilarious comedy series.

This week we find out that Devrek has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble. In his overly comical fashion, things take a turn for the serious in the third edition of the Roadstop Comedy Club. You'll laugh and you'll cry as Devrek rants on and on about his wacky adventures. Well, you probably won't cry but hey! What are you waiting for?

Check it out at the Ten Ton Hammer Auto Assault community site!

Heya, and welcome back. You may notice that my appearance has changed! Yes, it is true. See the other day I was talking to one of those new Freelancers and somehow he got scared of me. I don’t know why. I mean I’m the friendly sort of guy yeah? Anyway he threw his car keys at me trying to run me away. Well he ran off in some kind of crazy fit and I scored a free car. Not just any car of course. This was one of those sweet newer model chassis with a flamethrower and really cold air conditioning.
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