Priest 1.10 Preview

Updated Mon, Feb 25, 2008 by Messiah

As I am sure every priest out there is aware, we are next on the list for revision in WoW. The proposed changes have been posted, discussed and place live on the test servers. The over all impression that I get from the proposed changes is that Blizzard is trying to give priest's a buff to healing power. While it appears to be a small one, looks can be deceptive. There are lots of players that feel this is a huge nerf to the class, and others that look at it as a blessing. I did not want to comment until I had actually tried them out, but have now had that chance. I have been playing around with the talents on the test server and I thought it would now be a good time to provide a brief review of what I have found. I have also tried to provide a list of other reviews and threads about the upcoming changes so that you can read other peoples opinions as well.

Check out the complete review here: Priest 1.10 preview.

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