Jade Forest Walkthrough Guide - Page 2

Posted Mon, Sep 03, 2012 by Messiah

Quest Hub - Honeydew Village

This is where you turn in many of the quests you have completed since leaving Thunder Hold. However at this point it really is just turning in quests and getting one more to head back out. You do get to learn a little more about the Pandaren though and there are many NPC's to interact with here.

Seeking Zin'jun
Sergeant Gorrok
Thunder Hold

There is still one member of the crew missing, the troll Zin'Jun. He needs to be found someplace in the Ascent of the Swirling Winds just outside of town.

Quest Hub - Ascent of the Swirling Winds

Here you find Zin'Jun and an ancient statue that leads to some questions...

Cryin' My Eyes Out Monstrosity
Ascent of the Swirling Winds
Ancient Statue
Ascent of the Swirling Winds

You find Zin'Jun but he has been accosted by the Hozen in the area, a race of semi-intelligent monkey creatures.

They have taken most of Zin'Jun's possessions including both of his eyes! help him find his possessions (and body parts) by killing the Hozen in the area.

You find an ancient statue that has collapsed in ruin. Not knowing much about the area you decide to sketch the parts of the statue to see if you can figure out what it is, and maybe find out a little more about this strange land.

Seeing Red
Ascent of the Swirling Winds

Having collected Zin'Jun's belongings he is outraged to discover that his pet cat Snuff has been killed.

He wants you to find and kill Konk the leader of the Hozen in the area.

Konk can be found in the back of a cave nearby.

Quest Hub - Nook of Konk

Once you have defeated Konk, the Horde survivors all gather here to launch the next phase of the attack on the Alliance.

Assault on the Airstrip Strongarm Tactics
General Nazgrim
Nook of Konk
General Nazgrim
Nook of Konk

The General has found the airstrip and declares that it is time to attack. He wants you to bust in and slay at least 15 of the Strongarm troops at the airstrip.

While dealing with the regular Strongarm warriors, General Nazgrim also wants you to hunt down their leaders.

You can find the Corporal and the other Alliance heros around the Strongarm camp. Just look around for them as you are hunting down the rest of the enemies, Pandaren volunteers, and rockets for the other quests here.

Unreliable Allies Choppertunity
Merchant Zin
Nook of Konk
Rivett Clutchpop
Nook of Konk

It seems that the Alliance has not been quite as honourable as they first appeared to the Pandaren. Merchant Zin would like you to fee some of the Pandaren that are being forced to help build the Alliance fortress.

Talk to and free 12 Pandaren "volunteers" at the airstrip.

Thinking like a true goblin Rivett is looking to cause an explosion. He saw some rockets (or at least fireworks) over at the airstrip and suggests using them to shoot down the choppers in the sky.

Pick up the rockets that you find, target a chopper, and fire! Take out 12 choppers to finish this quest.

The Darkness Within Nazgrim's Command
General Nazgrim
Nook of Konk
Alliance Flag
Strongarm Airbase

Now that the minions of the Strongarm have been dealt with it is time to take out the leader.

Nazgrim wants you to fight your way through the camp to the cave at the far end across the bridge and slay Captain Doren.

Once he is almost defeated he will change into a Sha manifestation that must also be defeated. Once defeated Taran Zhu appears again with the General and warns of the consequences of battle in Pandaria, and warns that they will fight to protect their lands. Once you have watched the conversation head outside to pull down the Alliance flag and allow the Horde to get the final quest before taking over the airbase.

This is simply a quest to finish off capturing the airbase. Tear down the flag and then head over to the General to claim your reward.

From this point you will set about helping General Nazgrim setup a Horde base and establish control over as much of the area as you can. Make sure you check Part 2 of this guide, coming soon.

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