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Beyond the staples of combat resides some of Wildstar's greatest potential of all. Being the type of gamer who abhors games that force or expect you to rush through things or complete levels on a timer to receive optimal rewards, it's refreshing to see a game that fully embraces the concept of bringing the pace down a notch. Not to mention the idea that taking the time to explore and interact with the world in new and unusual ways should be just as rewarding of an experience as combat.

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This philosophy sublimely spills over into other aspects of gameplay as well. Why should gathering always have to be a boring crafter's game of Where's Waldo? Why not add the potential for something brilliant and engaging to happen to keep even the seemingly mundane tasks of MMO land interesting?

While I wasn't able to squeeze too many details out of the Carbine team about how this philosophy carries over to the concept of player housing, it was readily apparent that they have some cards up their sleeves. In particular, when asked about any potential connections between the path you choose for your character and player housing, Lead Creative Writer Chad Moore alluded to there being some very cool things in the works, but it's still too early to pull that particular dish of beans out of the oven just yet.

Even so, I'm eagerly looking forward to the next reveals for the Wildstar, and think it will be the MMO that makes us rethink what it means to create a truly sci-fi experience for gamers to chew on. If one of the driving forces behind sci-fi is the unspoken question, "What if…" then Wildstar shows great potential for allowing MMO gamers to explore the many, many possibilities.

For more on , check out our Wildstar preview from gamescom 2012, focusing on the part the environment plays in the experience. Our thanks to Carbine Studios for their time at PAX Prime 2012.


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