New Armor Sets Viewer!

By Byron Mudry -

Take a look at the new High level Armor Set Viewer from Blizzard!
View both the new Tier .5 sets as well as the orginal Tier 0 set right here, on any Race, Class, or Gender!

Ever wondered what your character will look like once you've completed your class armor set? Now you can check it out, thanks to the new High Level Armor Sets page! You can select any viable combination of race/gender/class, and the page will show you detailed images of your character as well as the complete item statistics for each piece of equipment, including all set bonuses. You can currently preview Dungeon Armor Set 1 and Dungeon Armor Set 2, which will be introduced in patch 1.10; check back often, as we will be adding additional armor sets in the future. ~ Blizzard
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