Is WoW too Solo Friendly?

Updated Mon, Feb 25, 2008 by Messiah

In this weeks editorial we look at the question: Is WoW too Solo Friendly? Or, Does WoW provide incentive to meaningfully interact with other players?

We all know what an MMO is, right? A Massively Multiplayer Online game, usually an RPG (Role playing game). But what's an MSP? To us at TenTonHammer it is a Massively Soloplayer game, and it's hard to think of a better example of one than WoW. The question I look at this week is "What does massively multiplayer really mean to you, and does game WoW provide incentive to meaningfully interact with other players?".

I have looked at various aspects of World of Warcraft before and given my opinions about them. But this time I look specifically at the end game content, the life at 60 stuff. How easy or hard is it to solo the game at the end of the level progression? I also have tried to forget everything I have written about on this topic in the past. I have done this for two reasons, the first being that now I have 3 level 60's all in raiding guilds and have had a bigger exposure to the end game. Secondly, the previous articles looked at WoW as a whole all the way from level 1 through 60. In This article I focus just on where we spend our most time, the end game. The grind to 60 isn't that much of a grind and takes most players less than 12 days of time played, while several of my characters have over that amount of time played at 60 alone!
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