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New Dimensions

One of the most oft-requested features from Rift players will arrive with the new expansion: Dimensions, Rift’s version of player housing. If you’ve thought of EverQuest II’s housing as a sort of gold standard when it comes to what can be accomplished, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Dimensions are aptly titled, because Rift’s player housing adds a whole new dimension to what can be accomplished with this mechanic. They give players a multitude of options to build in huge indoor and outdoor sandbox spaces, as well as a highly functional toolset for fine tuning.

Players will have a vast array of items to build with, and different ways to attain them including questing, drops, and crafting. Dimensions takes player housing beyond simply laying out furniture items--you’ll have things like planks, rocks, trees and tiles that you can place, as well, and they’re designed to mesh together seamlessly. There are also a variety of Dimension spaces from peaceful, tropical coves to craggy hillsides.

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We weren't allowed to show you images of Dimensions, but look for Trion to release a trailer soon.

The toolset is intuitive and functional--there’s one tool that moves items on an X, Y, Z axis by dragging colored arrows in the desired direction, and another similar tool that lets you drag colored circles to rotate them. And just about anything goes with placement. Want to set a table hovering in the sky like a flying saucer, increase its size, then build a ladder to it and put your bed up there? Go for it. The Trion team showed us something that a few staff members had spent several hours creating. (This occurred during a Dimensions demo, during which the devs in the room chanted gleefully, “Show ‘em the boat!”) The Boat was moored in a placid harbor, looking for all the world like a small sailing vessel, and it was built entirely using the Dimension system. We saw all kinds of interesting builds, including a children’s playground gym complete with a slide, in an upcoming Dimensions video trailer that should be publicly released soon.

“And this is just what we’ve done internally,” said Hanlin. “We know that whatever we do, our players will do it better--they’ll take it to eleven--so we can’t wait to see what they accomplish when we launch.”

A few other cool things that we learned about Dimensions include:

  • There will be guild Dimensions
  • It’s entirely possible to create cool jumping puzzles in a Dimension (and there’s no death due to falling in the housing spaces)
  • Your Dimension can have an NPC bartender
  • You can add sound to your Dimension with music box items
  • You can name your Dimension
  • There are XML hooks in Dimensions to support third-party add-ons
    • Want still more on Dimensions? Check out our PAX Prime Preview.

      Read on for the details on Storm Legion's four new souls and questing updates and additions.

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