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Allods Online

Allods Online

But, it’s a WoW clone!” you cry. Well, okay, we’ll admit that it does look stylized like WoW (albeit even prettier), and there are certainly other similarities, but those are superficial. If you scratch below the surface, you’ll find that Allods Online isn’t WoW (in fact, its PvP might be more fairly compared to Warhammer Online), and it offers a lot of fun gameplay for the (un)cost of free.

So, what’s an allod? It’s an island floating in a magical space called the Astral. And you fight against your opposing faction (League or Empire) for control of the allods in cool Astral ships that look like schooners. The game has multiplayer ship-to-ship combat (ships can be manned by multiple players), and awesome things like astral demons for you to battle. Of course, there are also plenty of things happening on terra firma, too.

You may have heard some early wailing and gnashing of teeth over cash shop prices in Allods, and a controversial system that required players to purchase a cash shop item to avoid a death penalty. Those insidious little pocket-drainers were removed recently, making way for smoother (Astral) sailing. To top things off, Allods Online gets a major update later this month.

SWTOR (massively single player, anyone? I love the storylines.) and LotRO (best video game adaption of an IP that I've ever seen) still top my F2P MMO list. Well, unless you count World of Tanks as an MMO. I guess it really isn't one, but it still a heck of a lot of fun.

My daughter's favorite F2P MMO is .... WoW. As a tween, she mostly likes creating alts with neat hairdos and running them through the first couple of zones. Starter Edition is perfect for her, and runs great on her little laptop.

I love SWTOR though last I checked it is still subscription based. Though they are SAYING that they will be switching to a F2P pay-model. I just have failed to see them actually do the switch. I am playing with some Panda's currently but I plan on getting back into TOR. I have yet to find a single developer that can satisfy my appetite for new content. Raiding is ok but I am referring to actual story.

The Secret World supposedly is switching to some F2P pay-model too.

Tried few of them, but for Aion nobody will for sure not get never ever again my credit card number. This is valid of course for entire company. Only game so far that I was unable to cancel sub for that crap, tried many times, no response ever from support ... they continued to charge for that bots horror "game". had to change credit card to get rid of them.

Not sure why Drakensang wasn't mentioned?

DC universe still has those limitations with cash items? like u have to use cash to be able to get more in game money

Yes, DCO has a definite money cap for F2P. This cap is actually regulated as 'Escrow'. As a virtual balance of cash overflow, it can be unlocked with real money. As a F2P DCO refugee from CoH, I have utilized a high yield system for cash overflow... Its called 'Cola'. If you're getting close to cap, which you always will, cash dump by buying Colas. Store these badboys in your bank til needed later. The 'High Yield' aspect, you wont get your full amount back upon selling these 'Cola' back to the vendor. >>BUT<< You need Cola (Healing Potions/Inspirations/HoTs) anyways, and no real money is spent getting your money back. This system will take some time to adjust, so don't cry over money sneaking into your escrow account. The best way to increase the F2P options is to go Premium. Premium is achieved by spending a certain amount of real money. Once spent, the Premium is eternal. Much like Legendarys that fail to pay subs, they fall to Premium by default. I like Green Lanterns/Sinestro Corps, I went for the Power of Light set. Now, I'm Premium forever with a 2k money cap. CoH Lives on Forever, mentor and now relocator of Paragon refugees.

- Cobalt Cricket
(lvl 50 CoH Defender/lvl 30 DCO Controller)

RAIDERZ!!!!! Epic game >:D

I played RaiderZ in beta. And, it isn't too bad.
On the other hand, I was completely unaware that Aion was F2P now.
And, I have been playing it since I read this article. I am addicted to it now, thanks TTH. :D

You're welcome, ltjuno. We aim to please. ;)

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