5 FPS Games that Shaped the World - Page 3

Posted Tue, Nov 13, 2012 by ricoxg

Battlefield 1942

Perhaps the biggest FPS hit to come out in the last decade was Battlefield 1942. Two expansions - and a host of mods later - the Origin re-release of the original game for free is getting a solid amount of activity. When Battlefield came out, it was one of few games to allow players to engage in large combined-arms conflict against each other using a wide range of naval, land, and air units and an array of infantry kits.

Battlefield 1942

I can’t launch BF1942 without singing to myself a little, "Wherever there's trouble, over land and sea and air, GI Joe is there!"

Probably the most unique thing about the original Battlefield was the number of mods that came along after it. I know, it seems like there’s a theme to this article, but mods are a great gauge of a games success; just look at Minecraft. By Battlefield 1942’s second year, there were more people playing modded versions than playing the vanilla game, and that’s not something any of the subsequent iterations in the series ever managed to repeat. Years later, I took a break from playing Battlefield 2142 (a really long break) to scratch my WWII itch and I found a large number of 1942 servers fully populated and running some of my favorite mods.

The freedom to employ a huge number of the tools found in World War II and re-fight a significant number of the biggest battles was the obvious draw of this very addicting game. It was fun and fast-paced, while still having enough complexity not to be completely monotonous. The folks at DICE really managed to create something special with Battlefield 1942, which makes it all the more painful that they would slip back into more Call of Duty-style game play (Call of Duty didn’t make this list, you might notice) for Battlefield 3.

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