5 FPS Games that Shaped the World - Page 4

Posted Tue, Nov 13, 2012 by ricoxg


Arma may not have been on your radar until recently with the release of the DayZ mod, but the game has been around for a number of years, and it’s been one of those games that pushed the bounds of what’s supposed to be possible in the standard FPS. Where BF1942 was all about fast-paced game play and constant action, Arma focused more on realism. The mods that followed enhanced the already complex and very solid mechanics of the Arma games.

Arma 2 boasts maps over 200km² and the word is that Arma 3 will have maps twice that size. Like the Battlefield franchise, Arma allows the player to experience combined arms operations, only with a lot more focus on realism. Arma 2 was realistic enough for a clip from Arma to make it into a British television network’s special about IRA and Libyan terrorism. A lot of FPS games have tried to capture realism over the years, but very few have managed it quite as well as Arma.


Arma gave us not only realistic graphics but also realistic mechanics, which that means there are no lone wolves in this game. At least no successful ones.

As with the last several games, Arma comes with its share of mods, the most recent and popular being DayZ. But another important mod for the game is the Warfare mod, which adds features like player-built bases and player-controlled AI squad mates. Ever want to roll with a whole company of tanks? Spawn your own and take the field. Since even a single tank in Arma takes at least two players, and really needs three to be effective, the additional AI made a great game better and showed the power of player-controlled henchmen in an FPS. That’s something other FPS games would be very wise to pay attention to moving forward.

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