Sins of a Solar Spymaster #84: The Tribute War - Page 3

Posted Tue, Dec 04, 2012 by The Mittani

The Afterparty
At the end of the Tribute conquest, the CFC was unquestionably exhausted. Vale of the Silent was half-held by NCdot, with the other ‘off limits’ and held by OTEC member Ev0ke. Vale is one of the largest regions in the game, and there were serious questions as to if the CFC could manage more war.


Yet after a normal campaign, where the line members aren’t burned out but the FCs are fried, Tribute had burned out line members but left the CFC FCs in a blueball-induced rage. Because the Dotbros had refused to fight the CFC in EU TZ at all, CFC FCs were hell-bent on vengeance and willing to grind a 90-system region just out of spite. I had been of a mind to consolidate our gains and leave Vale alone, but instead announced that we would be marching onwards.

Yet Vale ended before it began. Seeing our pending conquest of the region, Ev0ke approached the CFC with an offer - 250 billion isk for all of Ev0ke’s sov and moons, something of a steal considering that this included 45 tech moons. The CFC had no plans to attack Ev0ke to begin with, but the offer was too good to turn down. When news of this leaked, NCdot reset Ev0ke and abandoned Vale.

Ironically, Ev0ke had sold eight tech moons in Geminate to the CFC which the CFC did not want - but as NCdot was moving toward Geminate, the CFC promptly sold those ex-Evoke moons to Vince Draken and NCdot at a discount. So: the longest contested sov war in memory ended not with weaponry or a whimper, but a flurry of relatively genial mercantile transactions. Perhaps the strangest aspect of this long, difficult war was how little actual ill-will existed between the blocs involved, compared to the bitter vendettas and hatred which still linger from the Great War.

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