LotRO Valentine's Day Op/Ed

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Hearts and flowers and chocolates in Middle-Earth?

Okay, so Tolkien lore isn't exactly rife with romance, but Aragorn loved Arwen and Samwise loved Rosie and hey, perhaps love will be in the air some day in Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (LOTRO). Shayalyn takes a look at love in online games, and the heightened potential for relationships in LOTRO. She also shares a bit of her personal history when it comes to romance and online games. (Oh, the scandal!)

I thought of finding some sentimental stories about love in online gaming for this article, but thatÂ’s probably being done by at least a few other gaming site writers. Instead, I guess IÂ’ll dig deep and dredge up a bit of personal information to kick things off. You see, I once fell for someone online, so when I talk of online relationships, I speak from personal experience.

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