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Gold is literally the fuel that makes the World of Warcraft universe go around. Much like in the real world, players spend time “working” every time they log into game to earn themselves a little extra gold. How we ultimately spend the  gold we earn can vary greatly, mounts pets,exotic Goblin dancers, or whatever your heart may desire. Despite our spending differences, our need to earn gold never changes.

Best Addon Award


Earning gold is not always the easiest of processes, especially if you are looking to accumulate a vast sum of wealth. One of the best and simplest ways to enhance your gold earning potential in game is incorporate an addon into the process. As you can imagine, there are more than a few addons out there designed to do just that. Despite their good intentions there are only a few addons out there that can be said to truly help rather than hinder when it comes to making a profit in World of Warcraft.

These addons help to foster an environment where gold making can become easier than most players could have ever dreamed. It is these addons that deserve credit where credit is due and thus the Best Gold Making Addon of 2012 award category was created.

First released in October of 2006, Auctioneer is by far not a new addon. In fact many may wonder why a newer addon wasn't chosen instead. However, we firmly believe that it is often those addons that have been tried and held true through those trials that are often the best. Auctioneer has definitely withstood the test of time and has still managed to be one of the primer gold making addons several years after its initial release. Constantly being updated and improved upon, Auctioneer is one of those addons that never seems to go out of date.

Auctioneer wasn't chosen just because it is stalwart, it was also chosen because it is an addon that can really boast that it makes gold making easy. Using a system that scans the in-game Auction House, Auctioneer, creates a database that can be used in many different ways. From purchasing to posting, Auctioneer has developed a system that covers every aspect of working the Auction House and producing a profit from it. No matter if you are a casual or hardcore player, when it comes to making gold, Auctioneer has something perfect for your needs.

For all these reasons and many more, Auctioneer is our pick for the award for Best Gold Making Addon of 2012. Congratulations to the authors!

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