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When Pet Battles were announced as part of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria many players were stunned by the almost direct copy of the Pokemon game concept into World of Warcraft.  Some were even horrified by the addition of a children’s game into our beloved MMO, here I am obviously referring to my own reaction.  While the pet battle system is not my cup of tea, I have to admit that it is both very popular and very well thought out and implemented. There is a whole lot of depth and refinement that shows in the pet battle system and it is proving very popular with a lot of WoW players.

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The Pokemon comparison (or almost direct copy in my opinion) has stuck around though and many players simply refer to it as Pokemon in WoW.

Now you can relive your childhood Pokemon memories in an even more direct port of the game into WoW with the brilliant new addon called: WoWkemon.

The WoWkemon addon essentially converts your WoW interface into a Pokemon interface whenever you are involved with pet battles.   Just a few of the items that this addon includes are:

  • Multiple frames that matchup to the Pokemon health, speech, damage, and interface frames.
  • You can relocate the frames to match your display so they are in the correct locations.
  • The command structure and descriptions change to match Pokemon terminology.
  • There is a  complete in-game tutorial on how to use it and set it up.  Better yet, it is done in Pokemon style with the professor teaching you how to do everything.
  • Provides the ability to be a spectator of other pet battles.
  • Provides battle intro screens.

Despite my generally negative opinion to Pokemon, I can see it’s brilliance, my kids have spent more hours than I can count on the various versions of Pokemon, so brining that game into WoW appeals to them greatly.  I have seen Pokemon enough to instantly recognize the interface, fonts, and sounds.  For anyone that has played and loved Pokemon, this is a must have addon that will bring back memories of simpler gaming days.  It has become an instant hit at my house as both my sons are now playing “the new Pokemon”. 

While simplistic looking, having cheesy sound effects, and horrible looking fonts, it matched Pokemon exactly, and that is the whole point. I applaud the author for the time and effort they put into this to make it such a great copy of the original Pokemon interface.  This is one addon that is a must have in your collection simply for the nostalgia value it will have for anyone that played Pokemon, and as an example of what a really talented addon programmer can accomplish.

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