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No Consequences to Choices

BioWare made a big deal out of the various story lines and the choices that players would make while playing SWTOR. However, there are no real ramifications to those choices. While certain choices will affect the affection of your companions or your Light Side/Dark Side points, you can always change that by running flashpoints or daily missions. There are no real ramifications for making choices during or at the end of a mission.

For example, you cross a Hutt crime lord by taking missions that harm his business. Does he put a price on your head so that assassins randomly attack you for the bounty? Are certain vendors or areas closed off to you due to your reputation? Nope. While you have the illusion of making choices in a mission, there are no real-world consequences for your character in SWTOR. Nothing really good or bad happens to your character outside of accumulating Dark Side/Light Side points and companion affection.

why the force wasn't with swtor
Choices are an illusion and have no real impact.

Here's an example of consequences in another game, Witcher 2. I met a group of elves who asked me to supply them with weapons so they could hunt local game for food. However, elves and humans have had a lot of friction. My choice was to deny them weapons and have them starve or to give them weapons and hope they would use them only for hunting. To make matters more chaotic, I only had a limited time to make my decision. I decided to give them the weapons and felt I had done a good deed. Later on, I wandered into the next human village only to find out that the elves had attacked it and there were dead humans littering the streets. It felt like someone had punched me in the gut, but it showed that my decisions had consequences.

It would be nice if SWTOR had some sort of mechanism in place to have some ramifications for your character's actions. Right now there isn't, and I spend my decision making time on figuring out how to maximize the points I want from the conversations.

How to Turn to the Light Side

While I've given a number of reasons why the Force isn't with SWTOR, there is still hope. (You're my only hope, Obi-Wan!) BioWare could make some changes to turn SWTOR to the Light Side. First, they really need to introduce free-form space combat. Heck, they could even market it as an expansion and I would pick it up if the price wasn't too steep. It would be even better if there were more than fighters in the new space combat. I would happily just man a turret on a star destroyer or smuggler's freighter for the sheer joy of it.

why the force wasn't with swtor
Why did I bring a blaster to a lightsaber fight? Pew! Pew! Pew!

BioWare should introduce some consequences for your actions to make SWTOR more exciting. Even having certain merchants charge the players more or refuse to deal with them would be a start. Personally, I love the idea of having various factions putting contracts out on players, which would result in hit squads randomly attacking the player while they were traveling across a planet or in an instance. Playing a Bounty Hunter, I think it would be fascinating to have small groups of Jedi hunting me down for my crimes.

SWTOR should also implement choice into their PvP. Players should be able to choose what maps they wish to play on and not be stuck with what the game decides for them. Players should also be able to start their own PvP session by choosing to run a specific scenario or even to rotate between scenarios. Lastly, I would also like more content in SWTOR that was scalable or to have a random mission generator. I don't want to be stuck doing dailies or the same dungeon runs over and over again.

When SWTOR was announced and then launched, I had high hopes. Alas, I realized all too quickly that the Force wasn't with SWTOR for multiple reasons. My personal differences with the game center around the woeful space combat, the frustrating PvP, and the fact that the decisions I make don't really have an impact. In order to turn SWTOR to the Light Side, BioWare will have to make some significant changes. I fervently hope that this disturbance in the Force will eventually be addressed.

Still best game ever for me as for many. And, btw, swtor is NOT failure, as I remember, is still second only to wow for sub numbers. Yes, far far behind, I know. Still.

If they get a proper f2p system i'll play it again, with their bullshit system, no thanks.

So, essentially you would like to eat, dress, play, ... for free? What business can come from people like you to any company? If you would own i.e. restaurant, ... guess you would not feed people for free spending YOUR money? Yes, I guessed so.

If you owned a restaurant would you let people eat for free, but then charge them for each fork they used, knives and plates cost extra, and charge them for how long they sat in the chair, oh yeah, maybe they could only open the doors to the restaurant 3 times a week too and could only eat some of their food. Unless they payed a subscription to your restaurant ofc, then they could enjoy your sub-par food all the time!

No, if you had a restaurant you'd have a proper business model in place. Most likely you'd have a menu of products and people payed for the ones they want. You wouldn't charge them to sit in the restaurant or punish them for doing so for free.

Engage your brain before you try to make some stupid ass self-justified crappy comment thanks.

You completely missed the point. That proper business model of yours would work in normal world. But here we deal mainly with people that are satisfied to stand and eat with bare hands ... just not to spend money, because usually they need that for "better" use, drinks, cigarettes, ... etc. This is problem with so called "free games". You would broke pretty fast with restaurant with yours. I prefer sub so I can select my table, chair, take any food from big selection.

It amazes me how cheap people are. I'm a subscriber. I think it's a good game and is worth paying for. If people want to try the game for free then great. But they shouldn't expect to get the same experience that I'm paying to get. I see people whining about things they can't do on FTP accounts. Well guess what. If you like the game then pay for it. In my opinion FTP is only meant to let people see if the game's any good before they shell out for it. It's not meant to be a way for people to experience the whole game without playing a cent.

Exactly this I wanted to say. English is of course not my natural language, so maybe I'm not using at all times right words. :-) And this is true for any game. F2P for great majority is just meant as eating every day few times good food for free.

Space combat is one of my favourite parts of the game. Guess you can't please everyone. Pretty much all your criticisms would be null and void if you'd played the KOTOR games. The space combat in SWTOR is much the same as it was in KOTOR which was even more arcade style. It was never more than a mini game and in SWTOR it's a lot bigger than that. And anyone who thinks they're not challenging hasn't tried the new heroic space missions. Of course I'd love it if they added the other mini games such as swoop racing and pazaak.
As for the story - again it's much the same as it was in KOTOR and let's be realistic, if the sort of consequences you described happened in an MMO people would rage. Your group's getting attacked by random assasins because of a choice someone else made earlier? Not gonna work.
As I said you can't please everyone but in my opinion it's the best MMO around. Most fun I've had in an MMO since world of warcraft a few years back prior to it's rapid decline. It's actually made levelling and questing fun rather than just a mad rush to endgame/pvp which are the only parts of some game where you actualyl find any substantial combat (and yes I do enjoy endgame content in swtor also).

I completely agree with the author on space combat and the "decisions," but after a year I've not even tried any PvP, as it's not something I usually enjoy. If you can't even choose WHERE you PvP, though, I must also agree by default, as that is just awful.

Back to space combat, I did it for awhile and grew pitifully bored doing the same missions over, and over, and over. Making them harder just makes them frustrating, not fun. This version of space combat can stay for the few that actually enjoy it, but they also need to add a REAL, 3-D space engine, one worthy of the six films and the grand space scenarios set forth within. Heck, even the Clone Wars series has spacefights that trump anything in SWTOR. I, too, would gladly pay for an expansion which brings this to the table.

The storyline decisions are also a great idea, but poorly implemented. I've cancelled out of many decision choices to run the conversations again for more companion affection or Dark/Light points, and no matter which options you pick, the end never changes, ever. You still leave NPC #5 to run Mission X on Planet Q, etc.

I'm still a SWTOR subscriber, even though I rarely play anymore in favor of other, more dynamic MMOs like Star Trek Online, Firefall (beta) and Planetside 2. I like SWTOR, but I find I'm loving it less and less the higher my characters get. I suppose if I keep paying, even though I'm not playing, BioWare has little incentive to change or improve SWTOR. Yes, I've even pre-ordered the new Hutt Cartel expansion, of which I'll probably play less than 50%. The whole expansion just looks like more of the SAME content with a different story, nothing actually new. No new game systems, no new crafting mechanics, just more same-old, same-old. If SWTOR is going to remain interesting, it needs actual NEW mechanics and systems, not just rehashes of what's already there.

Some suggestions: Ship customization, both inside and outside. New ways to harvest resources for crafting. Expanded companion relationships. A REAL smuggling system, with consequences good and bad. Guild halls, cities or space stations, etc. In essence, MORE to do than just fight in Warzones and play Huttball. MORE that doesn't involve constant combat at all.

C'mon, BioWare, we know you're capable of greatness! All your games don't have to fit the same mold. they don't even have to adhere to the same mold in which they began. Don't be afraid to expand, explore and take chances, which is EXACTLY what us players want to do in your game.

I'm stunned that Realm vs realm conflict was so badly done. IMO it never was finished. The STAR WARS saga is about conflict. A central feature of the game should have been world class realm vs realm conflict.

SWTOR is what you get when you have a world class RPG games maker TRY to make an mmog.


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