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The MMO Gamers' All I Want for Christmas List


candy cane

Please let The Elder Scrolls Online meet expectations. The scale of the project is incredibly ambitious, attempting to combine the game worlds of five-plus previous titles and convert those worlds into something playable by many people at the same time. The success of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has expanded the Elder Scrolls universe beyond its initial audience, sparking interest in a multiplayer game in players who might not otherwise glance at an MMO. All it will take is one minor misstep to bring this delicately-balanced house of cards crashing down—make it too much like WoW and the Elder Scrolls diehards will despise it, but make it not-WoW-enough and it may alienate the MMO crowd. Finding that balance is what will make or break the game. ~ Gunky


All I want for Christmas is a Doctor Who MMO! Doctor Who has long been my favorite show and I can't believe that it hasn't gotten the full MMO treatment yet. Other IPs such as Star Trek and Star Wars, both of which came after Doctor Who, have MMOs, but there's still none for the good Doctor. I want to battle Daleks on Skaros, help the Brigadier and UNIT defend Earth from alien invasions, and face off against the coldly logical Cybermen. Doctor Who has the greatest universe of locations and enemies for players to interact with, so it just screams for a fully fledged MMO. Players could adventure in various zones such as ancient Rome, modern Earth, or the far future, and battle creatures such as the Zygon, Silurians, Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Ice Warriors, and so many more. I would gladly plunk down a monthly subscription fee to adventure in the universe of Doctor Who, and there are millions of fans worldwide who would do the same. I need to travel the online world in my own personal T.A.R.D.I.S!~ Jeffprime

candy cane

Dear Santa Gnaws (You know Santa Gnaws, he’s the undead Santa), all I want for Christmas is for Terry Pratchett to break down and finally sign a deal for a Discworld MMORPG. Who wouldn’t like to explore the comically dark city of Ankh-Morpork, see the Agatean Empire, try to avoid Death, fight the Auditors of Reality while at the same time maybe even helping that poor sap Rincewind and not get eaten by his luggage? Doesn’t that all just scream "make me into an MMO?" And Santa Gnaws, please don’t let them screw this one up...and please don’t eat me.~ Martuk

Amen Gunky, an ESO beta key would make my year, but I guess it's still early days yet. Couldn't disagree more on the WoW issue though. Aside from the very basics like instancing and PvP, the first sniff of WoW-cloniness is going to make people run like it was a libidinous Hagraven. With brain rot. Cloning is very rarely a good business model, as it gives no incentive for loyal players to change.

I'd be cool with getting into closed beta for Marvel Heroes Online. Really about the only MMO I want to try out that I haven't already.

I think it is still need time for ESO beta.

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