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The MMO Gamers' All I Want for Christmas List


candy cane

Once upon a time, MMOs were a social activity on a very core level. Classes had non-combat skills catered towards helping other players, and the entire experience became much richer the more you factored in groups of players as a base unit rather than individuals. Guild Wars 2 attempts to cater to both the soloers and the socializers, but in doing so hasn't necessarily managed to truly excel in one direction or the other. So my biggest wish would be more deeply-rooted social mechanics that actively encourage players to form groups, and better tools for doing so across the board. ~ Sardu


I’ll be greedy and ask for something just for me. I really want my Legendary weapon. I've been slowly building up to it since launch and I may finally be in striking range. If only the fickle Djinn Zomoros would smile upon me this Christmas and grant me the precursor I so desperately desire. Since that’s a long shot (as I so painfully know), how about ArenaNet gets to making that scavenger hunt path for precursor weapons so I don’t have to gamble away my fortune over Wintersday! That would be the real miracle. ~ Innuendo

candy cane

There are a lot of things I and many other players want for Christmas in GW2, but what I want the most is far out in the left field&emdash;more player housing options. You have your own personal instance in your major city and it “sort of” evolves with you, NPCs change depending on your choices, but it’s not truly personal. Phantasy Star Universe gave every player their own instanced apartment and you could decorate it with various items found in the world. I wouldn’t mind having a specific instanced home that you could call your own, maybe even have a way to access your vault, the trading post, and a limited number of crafting tools.~ Martuk

Amen Gunky, an ESO beta key would make my year, but I guess it's still early days yet. Couldn't disagree more on the WoW issue though. Aside from the very basics like instancing and PvP, the first sniff of WoW-cloniness is going to make people run like it was a libidinous Hagraven. With brain rot. Cloning is very rarely a good business model, as it gives no incentive for loyal players to change.

I'd be cool with getting into closed beta for Marvel Heroes Online. Really about the only MMO I want to try out that I haven't already.

I think it is still need time for ESO beta.

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yeah, I enjoy the Guild Wars 2 Wintersday so much, it is filled with the breath of the festival, you can see from this post

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