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The MMO Gamers' All I Want for Christmas List


candy cane

All I want for Christmas is a planet, Ilum to be exact albeit after a major overhaul. With the introduction of group finder and automated queuing for warzones, there are very few experiences in The Old Republic that truly feel organically “multiplayer.” The times I did have on Ilum may have been occasionally frustrating (probably more so for the Republic players we had pinned in their base) but they actually required players to work together, formulate strategies, and communicate all on their own. This had the added benefit of creating a more polite and respectful atmosphere as those who didn’t function as a team soon found themselves alone in the icy tundra. Also what better place to appreciate Life Day than a winter wonderland, where keeping your life is enough of a present. ~ Halfshell


I would like to wake up with the free-to-play program tweaked. Right now, the free-to-play program is fine but it’s not perfect. There are some major issues with it that are keeping SWTOR from shining brightly in the sea of MMOs, and those issues need to be dealt with. First, the limit on warzones is too harsh and should be removed. Instead of limiting what players enjoy, why not innovate new systems? GW2 will have pay-to-enter tournaments, which encourage players to utilize the micro-transactions to accomplish something in the game, but in no way limit the fun. Even better, why not layer the game in such a way that "truly free" comes without the barrels and barrels of limitations, while buying a box set version of the game unlocks all of the standard features, like warzones and flashpoints. That’s what I’d like to see under my Christmas tree this year. ~ Xerin

Amen Gunky, an ESO beta key would make my year, but I guess it's still early days yet. Couldn't disagree more on the WoW issue though. Aside from the very basics like instancing and PvP, the first sniff of WoW-cloniness is going to make people run like it was a libidinous Hagraven. With brain rot. Cloning is very rarely a good business model, as it gives no incentive for loyal players to change.

I'd be cool with getting into closed beta for Marvel Heroes Online. Really about the only MMO I want to try out that I haven't already.

I think it is still need time for ESO beta.

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yeah, I enjoy the Guild Wars 2 Wintersday so much, it is filled with the breath of the festival, you can see from this post

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