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Posted Mon, Dec 31, 2012 by gunky

EverQuest Online Adventures

MMOs that Ended in 2012 - EverQuest Online Adventures

February 2003 - March 2012

Ancient Mayan Prophecy: "Nine console years is like ninety human years, bro."

The console-only MMO is a rare bird, and EverQuest Online Adventures made the most of it, staying alive longer than the console for which it was developed. The PlayStation 2 was overtaken by the shiny new PS3 in 2006, but EQOA continued its run for another 6 years after that despite the new system's built-in hard drive, superior graphics, faster speeds and more robust internet integration.

A 9-year run is a success story for any MMO, and EverQuest Online Adventures seems to have died of old age rather than some kind of inherent internal flaw. And since it didn't have additional hardware requirements like its only real rival, Final Fantasy XI, it was the only real console-only MMO option for a lot of people.

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