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Posted Mon, Dec 31, 2012 by gunky

Black Prophecy

MMOs that Ended in 2012 - Black Prophecy

March 2011 - September 2012

Ancient Mayan Prophecy: "Cut off the body and the head will die. And vice-versa, I guess."

The brutal state of the global economy has made for some hard times all around, and game studios were no exception this past year. Reakktor Media, a tiny German game studio, went insolvent earlier in the year and had to close down their MMO space shooter, Black Prophecy.

Running and maintaining MMO game servers is an expensive endeavor, and Black Prophecy seems to have been a victim of the economy. It was the game studio, not the game itself, that failed - basically the opposite of the other games on this list. In all of the other cases, the failing game was shut down to save the developer, publisher or parent company. In this case, the game seemed to be fine, but the parent company went broke.

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