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Posted Mon, Dec 31, 2012 by gunky

City of Heroes

MMOs that Ended in 2012 - City Of Heroes

April 2004 - November 2012

Ancient Mayan Prophecy: "And an army of warriors shall rise up, only to be pimp-slapped by the gods."

While some games die with a whimper and a tear, other games go down kicking and screaming to the last. NCSoft's decision to close down City of Heroes and its development studio sparked a reaction in its fans that prompted us to reward them our Best Community Award for 2012. Tens of thousands of CoH players and other MMO enthusiasts signed petitions, sent letters to the publishers, attempted to help broker the sale of Paragon Studios to outside companies and staged in-game Unity Rallies to keep their game alive. It wasn't just a bunch of disappointed gamers voicing directionless nerdrage in countless futile forum posts - it was a concerted effort by a community to take positive steps toward a common goal, and to keep their favorite game going.

So far, their efforts have been unsuccessful. City of Heroes closed its doors in November, and the game remains mothballed, but that doesn't mean the movement has grown any less passionate or committed to its goals. Check out Plan Z: the Phoenix Project - these guys aren't giving up simply because someone said "no." There is also a lot of discussion involving starting a Kickstarter campaign to buy the IP and the game code.

It's always sad to see a beloved game shut down. Jobs are lost, communities dissolve and disperse and all we are left with are the memories. We are saddened to see these games go, but the memories of the fun times they brought us will remain. Share your commemorations in our comments section below.

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