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Blade & Soul

Developer: Team Bloodlust
Status: In Development
Release: 2013(?)

By all accounts, the Korean release of Blade & Soul has been a highly successful. While that doesn't necessarily indicate that the game will share a similar success in North America, it does at least help give us some indication of whether or not Team Bloodlust's localization efforts will pay off.

Among the many things that make Blade & Soul worth watching are the distinct visual style, and the hyper-active combat system. Since the game is already live in Korea, you can find oodles of fan-made gameplay videos on the web that help illustrate both points. On the whole, the fundamentals of the game won't change much for the NA release, but things such as the leveling curve are being looked at very closely to help avoid getting slapped with the dreaded "grind" label.

As for when Blade & Soul will launch in North America, that remains to be seen, but we remain hopeful that NCSoft and Team Bloodlust will begin dropping more details heading into the 2013 event season.

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City of Steam

Developer: Mechanist Games
Status: In Development
Release: 2013

The most recent closed beta test for City of Steam came to a close during the holiday sandwich week, and while the developers haven't announced when the next CBT will kick off, the plan is to begin assessing and incorporating as much of the feedback they're received as possible over the next few months.

As the name suggests, City of Steam takes a stab at steampunk; a setting that is woefully underrepresented in online gaming. On the whole, we enjoyed our time with the game during the latest CBT, and found the setting to be a breath of fresh air, even though it can at times feel a bit too gritty and hyper-industrialized.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, and given that CoS is based on a series of existing PnP RPG sourcebooks there's plenty of rhyme to the reasoning behind many of the design decisions for the game.

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Thanks for this. Perhaps this would have changed the voting if it had come out a couple of weeks back! Lol
Question though: where did you get the release date for ESO? Everything I've seen has just said 2013.

For TESO I went with the rough release window discussed back at E3, but I'll be surprised if it does launch that early in the year. I'll adjust the info on the article to a more general "2013" since we'd likely have begun seeing a lot more marketing hype by this point if it were indeed going to be a spring launch.

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