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Terminal Hacks

While terminal hacks could fall under the basic mission tips above, they deserve their own special section here. Not only do you need to interact with terminals somewhat frequently, but the process for doing so is a basic mini-game, and there are some conditional factors to be aware of as well.

The Terminal Hack Mini-Game

When you approach a terminal that you can interact with, you will be prompted to do so by hitting the X key. Once you do, a randomized mini-game will begin, and you will have precious little time to complete it. In most cases, failure just means that you’ll have to start over again, though there will be certain cases where your shields and health will slowly deplete until a terminal is successfully hacked.

The mini-game itself is about as straight forward as it gets. As you can see below, you will be presented with a number of hexagonal tiles, each with patterned markings. Clicking on a tile will rotate it, with the goal being to connect the lines between each individual tile.

Warframe Grineer Cipher

Consumables can allow you to instantly complete terminal hacks with the click of a button if you have any in your inventory

Terminal Usage

There will be a number of different reasons you’ll need to interact with terminals depending on the mission and enemy type. Some examples include:

  • Mission Objective – Some missions will require you to hack one or more terminals as part of the core objective.

  • Lockouts – Occasionally enemies will lock down the section of the ship that you’re currently in, and you’ll need to hack a terminal to unlock the doors in order to proceed further. This can sometimes be helpful if you need to catch your breath mid-mission, as new enemies won’t be able to enter the area until the terminal is hacked either.

  • Environmental Damage – As noted above, occasionally an enemy will trigger an environmental effect that will slowly deplete your shields, and then your health. The only way to stop this will be to hack a nearby terminal, which can be tricky since you might also have enemies trying to shoot you in the face.

Final Thoughts

Warframe is a very solid cooperative shooter, and one that offers a great alternative for gamers from various genres. In a lot of ways, Warframe succeeds in many of the areas where games like Hellgate: London failed to deliver. In other words, taking the formula of a Diablo style hack-and-slash, but bringing it into modern times. Millions of Diablo III fans may disagree, but playing action games in an isometric perspective is one of those things I’d be all too happy to see go the way of the dinosaurs.

Don’t forget to check back later this week for our hands-on impressions from the Warframe closed beta, and be sure to snag one of the beta keys we’ll be giving away this week so that you can check the game out for yourself!

This game is blatant Pay-2-Win!

The pro level weapons, warframe unlocks and special items which can only be bought with platinum, totally wreaks of Pay-2-Win, which will totally destroy any PvP game play, this game may introduce in future.

Along with the very linear game play, in which you have to progress from planet to planet in a fixed path, means this game will get either boring, or very, very expensive, extremely quickly.

Avoid this game and play FireFall instead!

There are some points of contention with the current cash shop setup to be sure. For example, while you can earn in-game currency and materials to purchase new Warframe blueprints and build them, you still have to purchase Warframe slots for real cash to use them once built. Likewise, the Pro skill tree that doubles your upgrade potential is a questionable move at best.

That said, having just recently entered beta there is still plenty of time for DE to make meaningful adjustments to both the price point on Platinum, and allow players to unlock more things via in-game currency vs. imposing cash shop purchases as the only option.

Hey man, read this
I assume this may have been what led you here, maybe not. Either way, one of the first statements it makes is that this game is PVE! No one cares about P2W in PVE and if you're that into PvP anyways, why do you even care enough to rage about it here. True PVE'ers are in it for the community and have fun without having to prove we're better than someone else at a game, P2W should not be something that chases you away from a game that's not designed to have a definitive "win".... If this were a competitive game, which I have gathered that it ISN'T, then yes, it would be completely broken. However, it's not competitive, it's cooperative, why not have someone on your team that is awesome because he/she can afford it? It means someone's supporting a game you might enjoy, not that you will know because, given your reaction, I assume that you're taking your own "advice" and have indeed decided to avoid this one. I'm eager to try it, with or without the ability to buy better gear with real money, I'm in it to play WITH people, not against them.

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RipperJack posted the exact same comment on the warframe beta key giveaway article. He literally copy pasted it so i suggest ignoring his comment and actually check out the game yourself as its definitely not pay to win.

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