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Top 5 Reasons to Play the Elder Scrolls Online

5. Dynamic Combat

Top 5 Reasons to Play The Elder Scrolls Online - Dynamic combatDynamic combat is featured in a number of newer games - Guild Wars 2, for example. It relies on positioning and facing. You need to keep your enemy in front of you, within the arc of your attacks, and you must react to your enemy's attacks to block or dodge. Combat is fluid and natural-feeling, far more realistic than tab-selecting your target and hammering on the number keys to deal damage. There's nothing inherently wrong with that system - it's still being used in many major titles right now - but it can't compare to the visceral thrill of lining up that perfect headshot with your bow, or finding just the right angle to take out three enemies with one swing of your greatsword, or of getting that shield up just in time to catch the crossbow bolt streaking towards your throat.

This kind of fluid, reactive combat has its downside, of course. With this style of combat, twitch reflexes play a fairly significant role. You have tiny fractions of a second to get that shield up to block an incoming blow, or to leap out of the way of a fireball. If you lag, you take the full force of the blow. This gives players with very low latency an edge, and players (like me) with very high latency a distinct disadvantage. 200 milliseconds is an eternity in 1-on-1 PvP battles.

There are, of course, a lot more reasons to check out the Elder Scrolls Online when it goes live later this year - social networking integration, awesome voice-acted NPCs, and cool new phasing technology, just to name a few things - but these are our Big Five. What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in our comments!

Top 5 reasons not to play Elder Scrolls Online:

1) Skyrim
2) Skyrim with mods
3) Oblivion
4) Morrowind
5) Just to show the developers that going MMO is a death knell to their franchise (I am still waiting for Warcraft 4 and KOTOR 3 btw).

ESO is not developed by Bethesda Game Studios, who will continue working on their singleplayer games (Fallout and TES), so don't worry.

Elder Scrolls Online: ZeniMax Online Studios
Elder Scrolls Series: Bethesda Game Studios
World of Warcraft: Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Series: Blizzard Entertainment
KOTOR: BioWare
SWTOR: BioWare

The only way ESO is gonna be worth a damn is if some/most of the devs behind TES works on it, if not it'll be a WoW/GW2 hybrid with a TES skin.

Have you seen the videos / read about the game? It is already quite certain that it will not be a WoW/GW2 hybrid.

BGS and ZOS do communicate, and BGS do help ZOS with development, but BGS are not spending a lot of time on it. They are focused on their own games. ZOS have access to all the lore from TES without anyone from BGS having to tell them anything, as it is all written down.

Having people who are used to developing singleplayer games making a MMO doesn't really make it worth any more than if people who are used to developing multiplayer games are working on it.

if some/most of the devs behind TES works on it, if not it'll be a WoW/GW2 hybrid with a TES skin
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In addition to the above comments regarding the feasibility of TES6, I have to address your point that the first five games are reason enough to avoid ESO. We've already played those games to death, and they have no social element. If you prefer single-player games, that's fine. Just quit whining about other peoples' interests.

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It is important to choose right one since the first time. Thank you for the exciting and horror game and have to spend lots of time to complete.

My personal top 3:
1. Not having to create a new character for every TES game
2. Finally finding an MMO in a world I'm actually bothered about
3. TES with friends! What else needs saying? lol

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Don't forget Moon Sugar! This one is most looking forward to providing this sweet delicacy to all of Tamriel, from the caravans of the Va Khaj Dar

May the warm sands of Elsewyr always be beneath your feet.

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There's also a pandemic lizard-flu, mad wizards everywhere, demonic Daedra popping up more often than usual, and evil omens in the stars.

And while complexity has given ground to accessibility over the past few titles, outstanding quality has always been paramount. It stands to reason, then, that the MMO iteration of this acclaimed series should be just as outstanding.

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Elders Scroll is one of my favorite role playing because this is very epic, love the battle and the story. Looking forward for the fun that is present in the video game. Thanks man.


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